Thursday, May 24, 2012

My new violin outfit

For quite a while now, my old violin has been going downhill.  It was my first student violin and it was time to upgrade.  My bridge was bent at a dangerous angle, and I wasn't getting the response I wanted in the tone and sound.  So Dad and I began to search for another violin that I could grow with and play for years to come.  I had already played a half dozen or so nice instruments, so I had a good idea of what I wanted.  We decided to do a trial period with a couple violins, and decided to go with Kennedy Violins, where they have trials for two weeks or more for a good price.  

Then it came down to which two violins we would take on trial. After a few days, we decided to take the Nicholas Gand and the Anton Gerard, both very nice instruments.  Once ordered, it was only two days before they arrived!  The long and short of it is this: I took a couple days to play both violins, and took them to our orchestra conductor to get his opinion.  In the end I chose the Anton Gerard to be my new violin!  I am very, very excited and inspired to continue in my music with this new instrument.  

Here are some photos I took of my lovely violin this morning.  The living room had the best light, so I had to prop the violin on the couch.  It is even prettier than the pictures...

Violin, meet blog readers.  Blog readers, meet violin.

Bad angle, I know, but the neck is so pretty that I had to capture it...

The back is SO cool!!

I'm a very happy girl. :)  Thank you Dad!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was, obviously, Mother's Day.  It only comes once a year, officially, but we ought to celebrate mothers every day!  Yesterday morning, we had my Mom's parents over for brunch.  We had whole wheat pancakes with all the fixings, fried apples and sausage.  Yum!!  A little later we had homemade peach pie for dessert!  It was a really good morning, very peaceful and enjoyable.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, but I had fun with what I was doing, so that was great! :)

Fresh roses from Mom's rose bushes

All the fixings for pancakes!

The two mother's places of honor

Mother with Mother :)

Mom's picture-perfect breakfast!

Who doesn't love mini morsels?!

Libbey got her hair curled for the occasion

Mother's Day cards!  Isn't Libbey's awesome?!

Peach pie

Coconut thumbprint cookies with salted caramel filling...yummy!

That afternoon, we went over to Yosemite High School to meet the Beckers, Thompsons and Shaws for church and a picnic.  Yep, we had church at a high school!  It was great, Daddy preached, we all sang hymns, spent some time praying, and then had pizza and salad for dinner.  Cookies and brownies were for dessert, and everyone played games, soccer, or just hung out.  Some of us girls walked around (and around and around) the track and talked.  It was all so much fun!  I regret that I didn't take any pictures, though I did have my camera. :(

It was a really wonderful Mother's Day, and I think that all the mothers, including mine, would agree.  I love mothers, especially MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

"Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: "Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all".
~Proverbs 31:28-29