Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Day 277:  Birthday time!  

March 17 was Libbey's 9th birthday!!!!  What a joy she is in our lives. <3

Day 278:  Another birthday!

Delaney turned 15 on the 18th!  We threw her a surprise birthday party and played softball with our church.  As you can see from this photo, she was indeed surprised!  (Although I did take photos that day, Hannah B gets the credit for this one.)

Day 278:  Busy lives and birthday parties

We had a party for Libbey at the Children's Museum on Wednesday.  That was such fun!  Aren't those cupcakes the cutest?!

Day 280:  Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Who is the........oh wait, that's me.

Day 281:  Pretties

My headband collection groweth daily.

Day 282:  Darling eatables

These were favors at my graduation party (post to follow shortly).  They were so fun!

Day 283:  Coffee!!!!!!!!

Our dear friends brought us some coffee from their coffeehouse in So Cal.  It's delicious!  Thank you Barish family!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pismo Beach, CA

Last week, we packed up our truck and drove to Pismo for a much needed vacation.  Dad booked us a family suite at our favorite hotel, and the forecast promised beautiful weather the whole time!

So, the pic on the left was taken a long time ago, I was a few months old.  We kind of re-created it on Friday. :)  Good memories!

On Thursday evening, we had Del's Pizza and salad on a nice patio on the cliffs and watched the sun set.  The moon was coming up over the mountain as the sun went pretty!  

We also got to watch a wedding!  All 15 of the guests gathered on the sand and made an aisle of candles and shells for the bride.  She walked down 100 stairs and the couple kissed as the sun went down.  It was so sweet!  Plus, the bride's dog was going nuts the whole time.  He must have been excited.

"What God has put together, let no man separate." 

On Friday and Saturday morning after breakfast, we hiked down to the beach and boogie boarded!  Of course, we had to take turns using the boards, but it was so warm and sunny that just swimming in the water was enjoyable, especially with a wetsuit. :)  Libbey's becoming a fearless little boogie boarder!

From a walk to Pismo Yogurt, to a fancy dinner at Steamers, to watching dolphins in the waves, to meeting friends in Avila, it was a wonderful weekend.  Do I hear beach trip 2015? 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy feet and other photos

Day 267:  My beloved H. B. Wright collection

Hands down, this is my absolute favorite collection of books I own.

Day 268:  A boring shot

So I like Cracker should too.  They have good apple butter.

Day 269:  Them purdy things

My latest greatest - a handmade necklace from Uganda!  Those beads are made out of paper.  Amazing right?  

Day 270:  Sunset Sunrise

Early Saturday morning, the dawn.....dawns.

Day 271:  It's all in how you look at it


Day 272:  Instagraming 

My happy feet

Day 273:  Even happier feet!!

It's Teva weather!!  Sun shining + new Tevas = much joy

Day 274:  Pismo Beach

On Thursday afternoon, we drove to Pismo for a weekend (almost weekend) vacation!  Everyone was SO excited to be at the beach again!!

Day 275:  Flashback Friday

The photo above was taken 10 years ago.  We've been coming to the Sea Crest hotel since I was a month-old baby.....I guess you could say it's our Pismo house ;).  It was fun to recreate the top photo--we all fill up the bench a little better now!

Day 276:  View from the cliffs

The waves were amazing the whole weekend!  The surfers were certainly enjoying themselves.  This was taken just before a big swell came in.

Pismo post coming soon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I have been neglecting my blog lately.  So today I'm posting all my 313 pictures that I've taking to catch up.  Because I haven't stopped--I'm almost done...kind of.  On to pictures......

Day 248:  An unusual tip

We're not spending this.

Day 249:  The pool is FIXED

Dad did a great job fixing our looks great!  Libbey wanted to swim right away, but when she felt the water she thought otherwise.  Let's wait until March, shall we?

Day 250:  Self shot

I love temperate California winters!!!

Day 251:  I didn't even photoshop this


Day 252:  Half a bubble

Last Saturday, we sisters blew bubbles in the warm, sunlit-afternoon.  These bubbles proved to be very durable, as they didn't pop even when they hit the grass!

Day 253:  And so it begins...

Libbey took one look at this sign and said, "I'm sad."

Day 254:  And Irish Proverb

I love my calendar this year!  It has really creative photos and cool quotes.

Day 255:  My iPhone 5c


Day 256:  In which I use a fake name at Starbucks

This is Claire's light caramel frappucino

Day 257:  Dusty teapot

Care for a spot of tea?

Day 258:  Another notebook owned by the notebook girl

I recently acquired an extension tube for my camera, and it's amazing!!!  I've been shooting with it all week and it works beautifully.

Day 259:  Stack of soul scribbles

A peak into my world....

Day 260:  Cheery flowers

They're so pretty, and the petals are hollow!

Day 261:  One brown eye

Libbey's eyes are so cute!

Day 262:  Its map!


Day 263:  With my extension tube


Day 264:  Well this is random

I took this with my phone, pretty blindly.  I think it turned out neat.

Day 265:  Old box

That's pretty much what it is.

Day 266:  Sticks (but not stones)

Today I used PicMonkey to create a watermark, and I'm happy about how it turned out!

Whew!  I think I'm least until tomorrow. :)