Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY cleaning and misc.

For the past year, I've gotten more and more interested in do-it-yourself projects and recipes.  Below are a few of my favorites that I'd like to share.....

Tip #1:  Rub half of a lemon on stainless steel faucet and shower fixtures to remove hard water stains.  Simple as that, and no harsh chemicals!

Mom and I recently discovered E Cloths, which are available at Hallmark, Walmart and Amazon, to name a few.  These cloths can be used on almost any surface and only require water.  Widely used in Europe, the cloths are woven in such a way that they remove over 99% of bacteria.  So far, we've used ours on counters, our stove top, mirrors and more, and for the most part they work wonderfully!!  I wasn't entirely happy about the stove, as it didn't remove tough buildup entirely.  But all in all, E Cloths have been a unique and money-saving alternative to cleaning for us!

Tip #2:  Here's a cheap, long-lasting alternative to dryer sheets--wad up a couple sheets of aluminum foil to make a small ball.  Toss in the dryer with your sheets and towels and voila!  No static.  The ball with smooth with all the tumbling, and you can use it for months.  NOW, I wouldn't necessarily recommend using it with clothes, as it didn't really work with ours.  But if you want, you can try and see if your clothes are more well-behaved than ours. :)

Tip #3:  Borax and water cleans bathroom sinks beautifully.  Done.

You know when you've got an empty jar on your hands and you think, "I could use that jar hold those _____"?  Then you wash it up all clean and nice and peel off that label.  Which, of course, leaves a patch of sticky, icky gunk.  Here's the trick to removing that stuff in just a few minutes.....and using a couple items from your pantry!  Make your own Goo-Gone:  Mix amounts of baking soda and canola oil together until you make a nice paste.  Use as you would normal Goo-Gone.  Apply to whatever goop you want to remove from a surface and start rubbing.  Once surface is un-gooped, clean up with a paper towel.  No big deal!

I hope you get a chance to try these......and that you love them as much as I do!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Day 239:  After the storm

I didn't retouch this photo....and look at that beautiful blue sky!  The air was so fresh and clean, and the sun shone brightly on the sparkling wet earth.  Thank God for the beautiful day!

Day 240:  Stuff

I suppose I could put in a hipster caption like "Life is too short to put boxes in the basement", but I just didn't.  Well, I did, but anywho......those four boxes were full of old family photos, and I looked at each and every photo there was.  It was quite a job, and I loved it.  (By the way, those are my grandma's boxes.)

Day 241:  Debate day

At 4:00 this afternoon, our whole family piled on our couches and watched the creation/evolution debate between these two gentlemen.  It was really interesting!  I enjoyed it immensely.  

Day 242:  Sunrise Sunset

I love walking to the mailbox and getting this kind of view.  God's handiwork is breathtaking, is it not?

Day 243:  Rain, rain, please stay

Little February showers <3

Day 244:  Intrusion

I've always wanted to capture the moment when milk is poured into hot tea.  And so, during my teatime with Libbey this afternoon, I did!  Didn't it turn out lovely?

Day 245:  Impression


Day 246:  Party time!

Our family (our WHOLE family) celebrated my grandparent's 60th anniversary on Saturday.  It was a wonderful day, and the chocolate fountain made it all the better! :)

Day 247:  Glass

I'm always amazed at the intricate cuts and designs made in glass.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creation/Evolution debate!

Last night, creationist Ken Ham debated evolutionist Bill Nye (The Science Guy) at the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  The topic was...."Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern, scientific era?"  You can view it by clicking the link below, but only for a go to the Answers In Genesis website to buy your own copy of the debate!

Debate Live

Monday, February 3, 2014

Senior pictures

I recently spent the afternoon with a good friend of mine.  After a yummy lunch, she took my senior pictures and it was SO much fun!!!  Here are a few of our favorites.....

Thank you, Holly!!  I had a wonderful time. :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thank y'all

I'd just like to take a minute and thank all of you for the sweet comments you leave on my posts!  Really, it means a lot to get your feedback on photos, etc, and I really appreciate it when you take a second to drop a note!  As a few of you may know, I am really touched by kind, encouraging words (hint: if you've read The 5 Love Languages.....hehe) and you make my day when I see a comment pop up in my inbox.

SO, that's pretty much it!  I love you all and enjoy the rain!!