Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hanford field trip

Last week, our church took the train to Hanford for a field trip.  Well, actually, we took the train to Hanford to eat ice cream.

They have generous servings.  Behold, the leaning tower of ice cream!!!  I shared this with a friend and we ate about 3/4 of it.

We had such a large group, that during the long walk from the station to the ice cream place a lady asked if she could take our picture.  Unfortunately for her, we politely declined.  After all, we all were after the ice cream!

It was a great day!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Catching up

Day 181:  My strange hoard

For years, I've collected the taco sauce packets from Taco Bell--the ones with the funny sayings!  These are two of my most recent addition.

Day 182:  Write.

I have a cup full of little teeny pencils that I've used.  It's hard to write with these now!

Day 183:  Friends and books

"Books, like friends, should be well chosen..."

Day 184:  Thanksgiving day

There's nothing quite like homemade rolls fresh from the oven :)

Day 185:  Black Friday The day after Thanksgiving

We don't shop.....we stay home and eat leftovers and play Catch Phrase.

Day 186:  Mama's Precious Moment

My Grandma gave this to Mom last year, and it will most likely grace the table for many Thanksgivings to come.

Day 187:  Check the sound!

Dad is certainly the sound guy in our family.  He handles the sound and speakers and all for our concerts, and we'd be lost without him. :)

Day 188:  Thanksgiving past, Christmas coming quickly

Indeed, come O Emmanuel!

Day 189:  A young flower

Geraniums are one of my favorite flowers, and their little buds are so cute!  They look melancholy, don't they?

Day 190:  And so we decorate for Christmas

What would the season look like without Poinsettias?

Day 191:  Reflected lights

-Not sure how to caption this_

Day 192:  Snow day 

Our poor Hawthorne bush was all bent over by the snow, but it's all better now!  This takes the place of My Favorite Picture of the Month.

Day 193:  Hello, schoolwork!

Since I'll be graduating in a little less than three months, I'm really trying to do a lot of school each day to finish.  Last week I finished Physics, so check that!

Day 194:  A star, a star, shining in the night.....

Mom hung these up a few days ago.  They sparkle like gold in the sunlight.

Day 195:  More gold sparkles

~Think of a good caption and mentally insert it here~

Day 196:  Make my stomach growl!!

These are caramel brownie bars.  Almost perfection.  Maybe I'll send you the recipe, if you ask nicely. :)

Day 197:  Light up the darkness

Let there be light!!

Day 198:  Another picture of the sparkly stars

Please ignore the telephone pole in the background.  I was just snapping the photo when it photobombed.

Day 199:  Uhauls everywhere

No...we're not moving yet. :)

Day 200:  Grandma's house

I can't believe I've reached the 200 mark!!!!!!  Can't wait to get these next 113 days over with.  No, actually, I've really loved this project and it's been really fun.  But I never want to do it again.

Day 201:  Remember the reason

Jesus was born to die.  He came to save and fulfill.  This isn't about out-giving or good food, it's about remember Christ and his sacrifice.

Day 202:  Day trip to Hanford

Our church and a few others took a field trip to Hanford!  I'll probably do a post on that sooner or later.  We had a fabulous time. :)

Day 203:  Christmas is almost here!!

And here we have a picture of the first fire of the winter beneath our bedecked mantle.  Enjoy, everybody.  Feast your eyes.

Day 204:  Another music picture

We serve a great God.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 7th

After a bitterly cold night, we awoke to 5 inches of fluffy snow!  It was simply beautiful.

-The waiting room-

I'm not sure if Faith liked the snow or not....

Winter wonderland!!  Even the road was thickly coated.

We all bundled up and got out in the glorious white stuff right away!

~frozen Hawthorne~ 

Dad made us a magnificent sled run in the front yard.

That afternoon, we all went down to Fresno to see the Children's Music Theaterworks put on the play "Beauty and the Beast".  Our dear friends the Smith's were a huge part of the production, both in the cast and behind the scenes!  They did an incredible job!!

With Michael (Lefou), Tim (Cogsworth), Anna (part of ensemble in this performance) and Joy (Chip).

<3 friends!

These guys were awesome!!!

My friend Madelyn played the lead as Belle.  It was great to see her again and watch her perform!  She did a fantastic job as well!

I hope all you mountain folk enjoyed the snow!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long time no post

And now it's time for picture time with Haley, the part of the day when Haley publishes a post consisting of pictures from the 313 Project.

Day 164:  Stack of pleasure

Books and journals and letters....oh my!

Day 165:  Pumpkin season is upon us

Despite the fact that pumpkins are so.....IN.....this fall especially, I do not enjoy them myself.  With the exception of good pumpkin bread/muffins, I'm really not a pumpkin person.  Good for you if you are, though!

Day 166:  Tiny silhouettes 

God's creation is incredible to behold!

Day 167:  What time is it?

Well, you can't tell in this photo, but this clock with Roman numerals hangs in Green Acres.  It's very large and we don't really like it, so we'll probably replace it sometime.  It's truly very large.

Day 168:  Sunshine in a bottle

You are in the South when Coca Cola reigns supreme!

Day 169:  Until next time......

You saw these pix in the last post, I know.  But this was my picture for today and that is that. :)

Day 170:  A new season on the point

The trees are shedding their summer foliage, the grass has gone to sleep, and the quietly receding waters flow smoothly down the channel.  It's a lovely site to behold indeed. <3

Day 171:  On the road--again.

Rest stop boredom.

Day 172:  This is for Grandma and Grandpa!

This fancy conversion van reminded me of you. :)

Day 173:  Last Friday night (last, last)

The Gindorf's are such gentle, kindhearted people.  We love being in their company!

Day 174:  Moon-rise over Pixley

We're almost there!

Day 175:  Alas...!

This hangs in the office/schoolroom.  Mother has revised the rules a bit, to adapt with the changing times. ;)

Day 176:  Smiles and welcome!

There are balloons all over the ceiling.  They are a cheery bunch, and quite too.  Overall, nice to have hanging around.  Thank you, Shaw family, for that sweet surprise! <3

Day 177:  Our favorite piece of cookware

Hooray for Dutch ovens!  

Day 178:  How do I caption this?!

Ginsu.  Plain and simple.  Best-knives-ever.

Day 179:  It's map!

 Having a map of the world in the schoolroom is very important, not to mention fun to look at when you're bored.

Day 180:  Mountain bike jumble

For the past few years, our bikes have lived in the Office when not ridden.  That way they stay nice and clean and warm.  We like our bikes. ;)

Happy Lord's Day!