Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a lil' update...

Hi!  Please welcome the newest addition to the Beyer family...Ms. Larson.  Dad's been looking for her for a long, long time, and now he's finally found her.  Best of all, she's here to stay!!  Let's have a round of applause, please!

Chapter II.  The first chapter being Dad and Mom's first boat, a Four Winn's they sold just before I was born (I was much more important!).  So this is Chapter II!

On Friday night we test drove the boat on Millerton Lake with the seller.  After a while, we dropped him and a check off at the dock and then sped off.  We had dinner and cruised around until dark.  Everyone was pretty excited.

Saturday morning, just about to drive back down to the lake...

Meet the Captain!

Delaney is determined to christen our boat "Anna Sue Pat" (????).  Do we have any votes on this?

Libbey drives


Delaney's creative shot

Minnie Mouse

Dad and Mom are such a great team!

Let's take a swim!  The water was surprisingly warm for late April.

Delaney ALMOST got up on a single ski....and it was her first time!  She'll get it next time for sure.  I just have to beat her to it, since I am the oldest.......

Dad ski'd for a while, but the water was too choppy :(

We're getting intense...

Three of my wonderful family members

Yahtzee, Yahtzee, come on!!

Libbey had a fabulous score.  This was one of her Yahtzee's!

Impromptu family photo

Sunset...this is where it's at!


The end of a great afternoon!  The Lord has blessed us beyond belief.  Praise Him!

Anybody want a ride?  Will y'all come?

~Most of the photo credits go to Mother and Delaney~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The trip down to So Cal

Even though I wasn't planning on doing a post about our most recent trip, I went over my pictures again and changed my mind.  Pretty soon I'll be posting much more often, so keep watching!

Last weekend, our family had to go down to Southern Cal. for a doctor's appointment.  (We're all fine, thank you.)  We stayed at the Petersen's house for the weekend, and it was really wonderful to spend lots of time together.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures at their house...I guess I was enjoying myself too much to care.  Sorry!!!  In fact, I really didn't take that many pictures the whole weekend--429--which is not very many for me.

Here are the pictures...not all 429, but some--

We were barely in LA, and we had already encountered some interesting sights....

On Friday, our family drove to Beverly Hills for the appointment.  It was fun to drive around and gawk at all the rich and expensive buildings, clothes, people, cars, palm trees, sidewalks and all that other city stuff that puts us country bumpkins in a state of awe.  Delaney couldn't wait to get out of the city and traffic.  Longing for the country already...

For my window-washing friends :)

I'm telling you, what part of "wro wa" don't you understand?

The *very* pricey side of the city

This is the giant ficus tree in Beverly Gardens Park.  We had lunch (take-out Chipotle) under a branch and it was very lovely.  My sisters and I attempted to climb the tree, but it was too slippery in flip-flops.  There were carvings all over it--proclamations of love, initials, "so-and-so was here", and many other carvings in the seemingly endless waves of bark.

At the base of the great tree, we are reminded that JEHOVAH has created all things!

My little starlette

In the shadow

Dee gives us her You-Know-Who smile, while Libbey...well...I'm not sure who she's trying to look like.

There were a ton of heavily tinted, tricked out cars on this side of town, but this Bugatti took first prize.  It belonged to the owner of the store it was parked in front of.  It has 16 cylinders, per Delaney. 

Dee was very excited, of course ;)

#3 of very cool car

2nd to last of vcc

The last of the vcc

Store goes with car

We did lots of walking.  There were lots of mirrors and windows to take pictures of, so I'm in more pictures than usual.  This was a flight of stairs!

Ooh-la-la shopping centers that we could only afford to window shop in!

Don't these trees just look alive??

Mod sculptures in the Beverly Gardens park.

What, you mean I don't blend in?!

Wahoo!!  Note the street signs on the lower left corner...we really weren't that far from home after all!

I wish my street was named this <3

Ritzy hotels for the very wealthy

A delicious cupcake shop for the hungry.  Of course, after all that driving and looking, a body gets hungry for some seriously good food.  Naturally we stopped here, at this hole-in-the-wall place known as "Sprinkles".  They had some fabulous looking flavors!!

Oh yes, now we're talking.  This is Pinterest worthy!

Love in a box

I had to take pictures fast, nobody wanted to pose for long!  (See the angst in their faces?)

~Red velvet yummyness~

All roads end at the Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa!  We met our friends the Barish's at their coffee shop in Culver City, and had a marvelous time with them.  Hannah and Emily both blog at these links, and the whole family is a delight to be with!  Their brother Henry hit it off with Delaney as they talked about their mutual love of all things cars.  Little Elizabeth had grown so big since 2010, when she was just a baby!  Now she's a big girl (and a friendly one!!).  Mom and Mrs. Barish are kindred spirits and enjoyed tea together, while Dad and Mr. Barish dove into a pile of chocolate!  Ah yes, our families go very well together! <3

Probably the best mocha I've ever had....thank you Mr. Barish!!!

Chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate!

Variety, anyone?

Passed this on the way to the Barish's house.  Yes, it's blurry and dark, but if you zoom in, you'll get the idea.  Doesn't that look like a rainbow in the background?  I don't know what it really is. :P

It was a delightful evening of pizza, music and good fellowship.  Here are all the girls!

Our wonderful parents.

-Henry and the dads-

We visited the Nixon Library on Saturday.  It was really interesting, and his childhood home was there, as well as the Army One helicopter used during his term.  President and First Lady Nixon are also buried on the premises.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon!

When Dad takes pictures...

Libbey imitates the proper stance of a photographer in action

Inside of Nixon's birthplace, the small home on the premises.  I guess his father was into these.  How I would have loved to read them!

A model of Nixon's home in CA.

Round reflections

Come on, look like you like each other!

A small scale model of Nixon's home--they were a very musical family....

The pool of reflections

It was a very tasteful property and a good place to take a stroll!  

The lovely rose garden

It was neat that the President was buried only a few yards from where he was born!

May he be in the presence of the Lord Jesus!

The beautiful roses surrounding the house

Despite the overcast sky, the lighting was great and not a hassle for scenic shots!

The house has always stood on this spot, and it remains as quaint as ever

I knew I liked them...they played the violin!

The End.

On Sunday we attended fellowship at the Petersen's church.  We didn't leave until 6:30 and we drove four+ hours home.  In the Camry.  It was not delightful, much less roomy.  Personal space was unheard of in the backseat, and eventually we all fell asleep, except the driver.  No amount of wishing would magically get us home any faster, so we just made the best of it.  Home never seemed so great, much less our beds!  But it was a wonderful weekend, and thanks to the Petersens for putting up with us!!  

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye~