Saturday, February 21, 2015

St Augustine, Florida (warning, many photos)

From February 6th to the 15th, we rented a condo in St Augustine, a city on the Northeast Florida coast. Dad was able to rent a corner unit on the 2nd floor, so we had a great view of the beach!

It was amazing to drive down from freezing cold Tennessee to the warm, sunny coast of Florida!

Next time we come, I'm absolutely bringing my paddleboard.

Those of you well acquainted with me are probably aware of my fascination of graveyards. Here, I give you the oldest graveyard in America, practically.

This is the original entrance to the city of St Augustine.

We spent a lovely afternoon walking around and "window shopping" here. Unless you have an ample pocketbook, I suggest doing the same. Oh, and bring your own food, because all the walking will make you hungry and the food is really expensive everywhere.

We're homeschoolers, so of course we'd take a picture in front of the oldest wood schoolhouse in America!

The streets had an old-world feel to them.

I don't remember if I took this to remember the store, or if I just liked the flags.

A tavern, looking rather tavern-y.

A lot of the masonry was comprised of shells!

The trees here were very beautiful. 

What's-it-called street

Spotted some tourists crossing the street and took a picture.

I just loved the pretty balconies overlooking the streets! It was so charming.

Libbey spotted a beautiful parrot and the owner let her hold him! That totally made her day.

Say hello, bird!

Caught: a 16th-century role player getting ready for a show.

Of course, most of our time was spent on the beach! The weather was very warm for the first few days, so we made the most of it!

The condos from the beach.

Told you it was perfect weather.

Just one of many jellyfish we spotted in the sand.

Libbey collected a few shells, which were all over the place!

The water here was very beautiful.

Fascinating picture of a tiny bird.

Delaney took this and I am quite proud of her. 

I had set up the camera to take some videos, and Libbey came in and posed for a minute. Isn't she darling?

And we have Mom, soaking up all the sun she can under the hat, sweatshirt and beach towel.

-Fun in the sun-

Dad even took a break from work sometimes to hang out with us! That was the best.

Libbey made a neat volcano!

Dad, Dee and Lib constructed a football stadium!

It's Neyland Stadium, can't you tell?

The day before we left Florida, Dad took us to the Alligator Farm. There were hundreds of alligators, crocodiles and other animals to see!

Delaney's curiosity nearly cost her her head!

There were SO many alligators, everywhere.

And you could feed them!

Maximo is currently the zoo's largest alligator, a little over 15 feet long.

The zoo had a variety of beautiful birds as well.

This bird's name was Oprah. Really!

For our last day in Florida, we took a tour of the St Augustine Lighthouse. 

We climbed the 200+ stairs to the top of the lighthouse! It couldn't have been a more perfect day, and the view was breathtaking!

I must admit, it was scary to look straight down, so I just looked out onto the horizon:).

From inside, we got a look at the prism that reflects the light.

Looking up from the very bottom.

I took a pano of the Keeper's house, opposite the lighthouse. 

Look up!

Selfie mirrors, who knew?!

It was a Happy Valentine's Day for Dad and Mom!

To finish off our trip, we spent the evening walking around Savannah, Georgia. The river was simply gorgeous, especially at dusk.

That's all for now! More posts are in the works, so keep checking in:).