Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tulip by Lib

Libbey took this picture last year on the day she inherited Delaney's camera.  Great job!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Here's your ride and such and all that other stuff...

Yesterday, our family went skiing at China Peak with a bunch of our awesome friends.  We Beyers actually came up Wednesday night and stayed at the lodge, hoping for a good night's sleep and the chance to wake up a little later on Thursday.  I woke up about every hour, checking the time and fearing that the clocks were all wrong.

At 8:00-ish on Thursday, the whole group met in the lodge to get passes and rentals.  Our family has our own gear this year, except Libbey, and that made it so nice for us!

The weather and conditions couldn't have been better that day.  It was clear and cold, the snow just right.  We all had to take a lesson, which began with a ride up the conveyor belt-that-you-stand-on so that you can go down the bunny hill.  Whew, that was tough.  I didn't think I'd make it. :P

When we finally got onto the harder runs, it was fun and our instructor was pretty cool.  He had lots of good reminders and it was good for me to hear them.

Jesse and Suey joined us...surprise!  
I could spot him from a mile away in that hoodie.
(photo credit goes to Holly, I think.)

After the lesson, we all took off where we wanted to go and had such a blast!  Even Libbey was doing great!  She skis a lot like Delaney did when she started.

Here's our ski bunny!!
(photo credit: Mother)

The only thing that bummed me was that I didn't take any pictures.  At all.  I wasn't about to bring my Canon up the mountain!  So I will post a few old pictures of us skiing at Badger and China Peak.  Let's take a trip down memory lane!  Prepare yourselves....

Let's just pretend that this artistic picture was taken yesterday...

Mother and 2011

Delaney and Chloe Telian at Badger Pass.

Holly and I in 2010 (love your outfit, Holly!)

Jesse and Chase in 2010.......


My wonderful family at China Peak in 2011

Dad skiing the China Bowl!

Dad and Mother on the teeny-tiny chair of horror in 2011.


Leah and I matching at Badger Pass in 2011

Ah!  Old times!!!!!

I only fell once, I was trying to catch a little air off the side of a jump and landed wrong.  It was a prolonged skid-that-ended-with-a-roll.

Skiing is so awesome.  I could go on and on about it.  But I'll spare you.  Here is a group picture that Mom took when we all had pizza (from Pizza Factory!!!!) afterwards.  We ate pizza and Red Vines, the guys arm wrestled, and we did a lot of laughing.  How else could we end a great day on the slopes?!

Our fun group: Chase and Holly Shaw, Jeremy Parish, Suey Telian, Michael and Tim Smith, Joby Spalding, Troy Morice, Jesse (the nut) Telian, and the three blurry figures in the back are Dad, Delaney, Libbey and yours truly.  Not pictured is Mother (taking the photo) and Clint Morice.

Now I must go and put a tablespoon of aloe vera on my nose.  Ciao!