Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Libbey thing

I just love Libbey Brin.  She is full of cute and logical things to say.  On Sunday, we were driving through Oakhurst and she saw a Chinese restaurant.  She said, "Look, there's a Chinese restaurant.  That's odd, this isn't China!" 

Teaching her math is an entirely different matter.  She logically understands it when it is properly explained to her.  But a while back when Mom was teaching her basic 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3, Libbey pronounced them, "one-half, one-fourth and one-threeth".  I love it!

If you have a funny sibling quote to share, send me a comment!  I'd love to hear more...


  1. Something that Amy said came to mind :) She and Mom were out to lunch and Mom ordered a sandwich and fries. She told Amy she was going to split it with her and Amy asked, "Which half do I get, the sandwich or the fries?" Ah! The joys of little sisters!!

  2. its so funny what little kids can come up with!
    One night Lilly wasn't feeling good and she came up to mom and said "Mom, It feels like I have a frog in side me" Sure enough she did end up getting really sick:-(

  3. shortly after national treasure came out and we saw it, we had a missionary family stay with us and their little girl was talking about the movie a lot, here favorite line was, Hey, where are my detainees?" It was kinda funny. So my brothers and I would say it every once in a while, just remembering how she said it. The other day we were driving some where and my little sister said, Hey, where are my Chinese?"