Monday, December 9, 2013

December 7th

After a bitterly cold night, we awoke to 5 inches of fluffy snow!  It was simply beautiful.

-The waiting room-

I'm not sure if Faith liked the snow or not....

Winter wonderland!!  Even the road was thickly coated.

We all bundled up and got out in the glorious white stuff right away!

~frozen Hawthorne~ 

Dad made us a magnificent sled run in the front yard.

That afternoon, we all went down to Fresno to see the Children's Music Theaterworks put on the play "Beauty and the Beast".  Our dear friends the Smith's were a huge part of the production, both in the cast and behind the scenes!  They did an incredible job!!

With Michael (Lefou), Tim (Cogsworth), Anna (part of ensemble in this performance) and Joy (Chip).

<3 friends!

These guys were awesome!!!

My friend Madelyn played the lead as Belle.  It was great to see her again and watch her perform!  She did a fantastic job as well!

I hope all you mountain folk enjoyed the snow!


  1. I love all your pics, Haley! Winter is definitely one of my favorite seasons. Especially the snow that comes with it! ;) We got about a foot of snow up here. It was soo awesome to go to bed and wake up with a winter wonderland all around! :) Looks like you all had fun!

  2. Wow! God painted such a beautiful landscape for you to capture, and you captured it very well indeed! :)
    Auntie Didar

  3. The snow was wonderful because you get to go outside and enjoy it and get all chilly then come in for hot chocolate and mochas!! :) I got some pictures which I will hopefully post tomorrow.

  4. Pretty snow pics! The play looks like it was funny!