Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a lil' update...

Hi!  Please welcome the newest addition to the Beyer family...Ms. Larson.  Dad's been looking for her for a long, long time, and now he's finally found her.  Best of all, she's here to stay!!  Let's have a round of applause, please!

Chapter II.  The first chapter being Dad and Mom's first boat, a Four Winn's they sold just before I was born (I was much more important!).  So this is Chapter II!

On Friday night we test drove the boat on Millerton Lake with the seller.  After a while, we dropped him and a check off at the dock and then sped off.  We had dinner and cruised around until dark.  Everyone was pretty excited.

Saturday morning, just about to drive back down to the lake...

Meet the Captain!

Delaney is determined to christen our boat "Anna Sue Pat" (????).  Do we have any votes on this?

Libbey drives


Delaney's creative shot

Minnie Mouse

Dad and Mom are such a great team!

Let's take a swim!  The water was surprisingly warm for late April.

Delaney ALMOST got up on a single ski....and it was her first time!  She'll get it next time for sure.  I just have to beat her to it, since I am the oldest.......

Dad ski'd for a while, but the water was too choppy :(

We're getting intense...

Three of my wonderful family members

Yahtzee, Yahtzee, come on!!

Libbey had a fabulous score.  This was one of her Yahtzee's!

Impromptu family photo

Sunset...this is where it's at!


The end of a great afternoon!  The Lord has blessed us beyond belief.  Praise Him!

Anybody want a ride?  Will y'all come?

~Most of the photo credits go to Mother and Delaney~


  1. How fun, Haley!! I think Anne Sue Pat is a very interesting name for a boat. Also you have some very creative pictures. Good Job!!!

  2. Delaney much appreciates your vote!

  3. Yes, thank you. I much prefer the name over the others that have been floating around. Any other positive votes?!?!?


  4. How fun! I would love to take you up on your offer, but I think that our family plus yours would sink the boat :) Also, I like the family picture in the boat mirror - creative shot!

  5. Well Holly, Dad has a plan for that! You know, the boat's weight limit is 1800 pounds, so we'll have to weigh each person before putting them on, and once we hit the limit, the ones left stay behind! ;)

  6. YAY! Congrats Beyer family!!! I really wish I could come and enjoy it with you! Next year? :)

    D! I think that's a great name for the boat! So very creative :)

  7. Wow, awesome! Looks like way too much fun for y'all to handle your selves... you will have to let me go with you some time... :D

  8. O and I loved the family photo! Super creative!