Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pressing onward to the goal I have set

Day 145:  A truth

We got this for Dad recently, and he hung it up right away!  It really fits him, obviously. :)

Day 146:  Vintage and stripes

Dad gets to hang his sign, and Mom gets to hang her apron.  I sense a red theme going on here....

Day 147:  Say goodbye!

Say goodbye to that chestnut tree on the left!

Day 148:  Silhouette

Well, I can't ALWAYS have wonderful captions for everything!  This heron is a regular on the property.  A very graceful, yet gangly bird he is.

Day 149:  End of term

What a beautiful day on the lake!  This was taken on our very last cruise of the season.

Day 150:  Work in progress

This is the Green Acres house, the day after the tree cutting was through.  We have lots of ideas running through our brains right now on things we'd like to change.  I already think it's adorable!  Mom and I want to plant flowers instead of bushes, and get a nicer storm door, etc.  Dad just wants his lake room built. ;)

Day 151:  Leftover wood

The rounds from the magnolia were huge, almost 3 feet in diameter.   

Day 152:  Shadowy

Lilies are the grace of the field

Day 153:  A blustery day

Gloomy afternoons are not uncommon, but it has a beauty of its own.

Day 154:  Travel plans

Mother has carefully evaluated the different "must sees" in the area and wrote down the best ones.  Perhaps one day we'll visit them all!

Day 155:  Dishes, dishes, a growing pile of dishes

It's not that bad.  They look pretty good when clean too. ;)

Day 156:  Bored

I was bored.  So I took this picture of lemons.  They are the puniest lemons I ever saw, but they are good.  And they clean up stainless steel pretty good.

Day 157:  Misty, foggy, ethereal

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Day 158:  So we can snoop 

Well, of course!  What did the fishermen catch today?

Day 159:  Sunlit wonder

Reflections of autumn leaves on a peaceful lake leaves one's heart stirred.

Day 160:  The Worship of God

The first of four days of convicting teaching and fellowship!

Day 161:  North Carolina in it's glory

The hillsides were a blaze of color in the sunshine.  Glorious!

Day 162:  Christians love to talk

They will spend all day and all night talking and laughing and sharing.  Here is a good example of a group of Christians talking.  It really captures the talking.  Ah, talking.  

Day 163:  A most precious book

My little travel Bible is a great treasure to me, along with my little notebook to go with it. <3


  1. Lovely Pictures!! You could have posted more conference pictures though. My brother only came home with three and I was hoping for more than that ;);) Hannah's favorite picture is the one with the lemons and my favorite is the one with the Bible. Good job!!

  2. I know, I know, but I really only took like....20 of the whole weekend. If you were there, you'd understand. ;) I am doing a post later today with more pictures of the conference, a few of mine--but mostly official photos. Sorry to disappoint you though! ;)

  3. Wonderful pictures Haley!!! I loved day 159, so gorgeous! Your property looks amazing!!! Keep it up : )