Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm back...with a checklist and a bucket list!

It's been WAY too long since I last posted, my apologies!  Things have been very, very busy here at Green Acres, and God has really blessed our family with many new and exciting opportunities.  But I'm afraid my poor little blogged has suffered from neglect, so now I will try to resurrect it with a new post.

This past year has been full of firsts for the Beyer family.  I've been able to cross a lot of stuff off of my bucket list in the process!

My Checklist
1. Throw someone a surprise birthday party (for Delaney!)
2. Send a letter to a random stranger (they didn't write back)
3. Visit Lombard Street in San Fransisco
4. Put googly eyes on random things at the store
5. See a Broadway musical (Les Miserables!!!!!!)
6. Go night swimming (in CA and in TN)
7. Put a message in a bottle (in Pismo CA)
8. Get my ears pierced
9. Pull an all-nighter (a couple of them)
10. Spend a week with my best friend (it was actually 10 days...even better!)
10. Have a glowstick party
12. Go paddleboarding in my own backyard
13. Finish a year-long photo challenge
14. Go rain swimming
15. Write a message on a balloon and let it go (also tied a piece of gum to it, it still flew away too)
16. Do the splits
17. Donate blood
18. Perform at the Grand Ole Opry (an unforgettable experience)

Someday, as I have stated in my blog profile, I would love to cross everything off my bucket list!  Only God knows if I will though, and in the meantime it's fun to dream.

My Bucket List (just a portion of it)
1. Go to the center of the US
2. Jump off of a roof into a pool
3. Go to the tallest building in the world in Dubai
4. See the Northern Lights (In Alaska)
5. Stand on the Equator
6. Visit all 50 states (I'm almost there!)
7. Go skydiving
8. Hold a lion cub (and name him Vladimir Roscoe Clement)
9. Put soap in a public fountain (heehee)
10. Skate on a frozen lake
11. Go parasailing
12. Help lead someone to Christ
13. Have a big family
14. Adopt kids
15. Let go of a flying lantern (over the lake)
16. Visit the St. Louis Arch in Missouri
17. Travel Europe
18. Catch a bride's bouquet (I almost did once)

Do you have a bucket list?  What sort of things are on it?  I'd love to know, so drop a comment below!

I'll have another update soon, as today we are starting remodeling work on our house!  We're SO excited!!  Lord willing I'll be able to post photos of the progress, and by the end of the year things should be looking a lot different here at Green Acres.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, Haley!!! You have done a lot of cool things. I have done a few things on my bucket list. My list includes mostly travel stuff. I also want to go skydiving, adopt kids and write a letter to a stranger :):)

  2. Keep dreaming, you've done lot's of cool bucket list things!!
    I want to have a paint fight, be a bridesmaid, ride a cow, have a mud fight, smash a pie in someones face...I also want to travel the world:) The list could go on and on, but my biggest dream is to be a mommy!!

  3. My bucket list things include having my own farm, being a mommy (yeah, Lacy!), going to Costa Rica, having my own farm, having my own farm (did I mention having my own farm?? Oops! Forgot to mention it has to be in Ohio!).

  4. My bucket list (it isn't finished yet) write a letter to a stranger, have my own farm, make my own record, have a beautiful family, open a small therapeutic

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  6. You could stop by here to see the northern lights if you want to!! You could also skate on a frozen lake in the winter time. (Or drive your truck out on the ice.) People do it all the time!