Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Libbey's 10th birthday

Libbey Brin Beyer turned 10 years old today!! She is growing up so fast! We threw her a birthday party last Saturday, and we're celebrating as a family today.:)

Our good friend Robin made the most beautiful birthday cake and matching cupcakes! 

Libbey picked out all the decorations too.

Mom had lined up some fun games for the girls, including Bingo, with prizes.

Next they played Pin the Tail on the Donkey! That was very entertaining!

Libbey with all of her friends.

Caroline pretended to blow out the candles too, apparently.

Present time!

Musical chairs is always fun!

Kaylee won!!

Dad and Mom surprised Lib with a new bike! It's just right!

And a hot pink camera!:)

Libbey, you make my life so much happier!! I love you, and Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Libbey!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us Haley!!

  2. Happy birthday Libbey! That cake is awesome :D

  3. Happy birthday Libbey!!!!