Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photo challenge & Gary

It's been wayyyy too long since I used my dear old Canon Rebel t2i on a regular basis, so I have decided to do another 30-day photo challenge to get creative and have some fun!

Maybe you're wondering where this post's title came from. I answered the first part for you, and to answer the second part, NO I am not dating some fellow named Gary. Just to make that clear. Gary is a Lego guy we have had for several years (we tend to give our toys permanent names) and he will be a subject in this photo challenge. Actually, Gary will make an appearance in every photo for the next month. Sometimes he may be harder to spot in some photos, but I thought it'd be a fun, unique way to get the creative juices flowing.

Each day I will base my photo off of the suggestion that the challenge gives me. They are:

  1. self portrait
  2. what I wore
  3. clouds
  4. green
  5. high angle
  6. low angle
  7. fruit
  8. a bad habit
  9. someone I love
  10. childhood memory
  11. blue
  12. sunset
  13. 13 things
  14. eyes
  15. silhouette
  16. long exposure
  17. technology
  18. shoes
  19. orange
  20. bokeh
  21. faceless portrait
  22. hands
  23. sunflare
  24. animal
  25. pink
  26. close-up
  27. from a distance
  28. flowers
  29. black & white
  30. self portrait
SO, keep checking in to see new photos! This should be fun! Manana!