Saturday, August 13, 2011

In which one of my dreams is fulfilled

I finally got my camera!! 

I have been saving up the money for a couple months, and am only a couple hundred dollars short, but I have it!  When dad and I were at Costco on Thursday evening, I was looking at the package for sale and dreaming of the day when I could finally buy it (in Illinois or Pennsylvania or somewhere).  Dad pulled me aside and said that we were going to get the camera right then and there!  I couldn’t believe it, and he said that I would have to keep working to pay off the last couple hundred dollars, but we were getting it.  I was on cloud 9 the rest of the evening, especially when I unpacked it later that night at home.

It’s a Canon Rebel EOS t2i, perfect for my needs and growing skills.  It’s a full kit and has everything I’ll need for now.  I’ve been trying it out since early Friday morning, and at first I got scared because I thought it wasn’t focusing clearly, but it just turned out that my eyes were really blurry from sleep :P. 

I can’t wait to discover all its neat gadgets and functions, and I will definitely post lots of pix that I take on our trip!!

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