Monday, August 22, 2011

Keystone, Bear Country and pictures

Today we went to Keystone, SD, and did some window shopping.  There were a few cute shops and lots of resteraunts, but other than that it was just tourist-y.  We also visited a free museum in old Keystone, which was once the Keystone schoolhouse.  It had lots of antique artifacts and a large corner of Carrie Ingall Swansey's memorbilia.  That was really interesting.

...A random grasshopper I found perched atop a statue's head...

We also went to a place called Bear Country, which was a large reserve with many types of wild animals.  We drove through a 2-mile maze of wildlife, then walked through a trail with pens of baby animals and Grizzley bears.  It was a neat place, definitely something I would reccomend in SD.  More some other time!

...An artic wolf...

...A mountain lion resting in the shade...

...Take a dip, anyone?

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