Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 lists of random things

Since I have a pretty deep future post in my drafts and currently nothing interesting going on, here is an off-the-top-of-my-head post for you...

5 activities you would find me doing
Trying a new recipe (I love baking especially)
Organizing (not often enough)
Doing something with my family

5 books I would reccomend
"The Fascinating Girl" (wonderful!!!!)
"The Hidden Hand"
"An Old-Fashioned Girl"
"When Dreams Come True" (inspiring)
"The Edge On the Sword"

5 hymns I love
"For the Beauty of the Earth"
"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" (harmony is great...if done right)
"As the Deer"
"Just As I Am" (just love it)
"Father, I Adore You"

5 of my favorite foods ever
Fettucini alfredo with chicken and broccoli
Thick, juicy burgers (yum!)
Chicken enchiladas
Garlic mashed potatoes with onions
Potstickers (stuffed and piping hot)

5 Bible verses that grab me
Psalm 37:4 (my favorite verse, actually)
John 15:12
Psalm 25:5
James 1:25
Proverbs 18:12 (gripping)

5 of my favorite colors
Pink (I'm girly all the way!)
Yellow (very fun)

5 character qualities I admire
Loyalty to Christ (always)
Prudent, mature speech (hard to find someone with that quality)
Witty humor
Focus and vision for life

5 places I would live
Pismo Beach, CA (my second home...ah...)
Burlington, VT
Hanalei, HI
Middleton, WI
Franklin, TN (beautiful!)

5 items you would find in my room
Willow Trees (I've started a collection)
Crazy socks (I own about 20 pairs)
My Chest of Hopes

5 things I would love to do someday
Marry a God-fearing man and have lots of children (that's my main goal!)
Own all the books on my book list
Surf (and do it well)
Write a book for young ladies
Get a CD recorded

Thus ends my list of lists for now.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about me!


  1. Wow We have a lot in common! I like your lists. I love making lists!

  2. Lists are the best!!!! I have waaayyy to many laying around in random books...very entertaining post, Haley. :)