Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reflecting on January 31

Yesterday we FINALLY went skiing!!!!!!  It was really fun, and despite the fact that Badger Pass had barely a foot of snow, we all had a blast.  There were hardly any people there, and the MATCH people consisted of the Beyer family, two Shaws, three Telians, two Callis's and one Huckabone.  (Plus two unknown members.)

 The weather was wonderful, low 50's and sunny.  The snow was surprisingly good, the well-groomed runs being smooth and enjoyable.  The not-so-nicely-groomed runs were fun too, but a little icy most of the day.  I basically skied the same run most of the time, and it was rather relaxing...and still fun!  When you've got good ski partners to hang out with, you have fun no matter what...right? ;)

This year, our whole family had our own skis and boots (save Libbey, she just has boots)!  It was so nice to skip the rental shop and get right on the mountain!  We scored at a ski swap in the fall, and the only things left to purchase are Libbey's skis and two sets of poles.  Then we can ski for a lot cheaper at other resorts.  I'm not sure if we'll get past China Peak this season....hopefully God will bring more snow!!!

Libbey is really taking off on skiing this year.  The first time she went down the bunny hill was on her 4th birthday, and now she's riding the "big chair" with us!  I took her on a few runs and had a blast, she even "won" two races against me! ;)  Delaney is a great skier as well, and never even took any falls.  I fell once, on a really bumpy and icy was a total yard sale!  Dad and Mom are really good skiers, and when they weren't with Libbey they were flying down the mountain with all of us.  I'm so proud of my skiing family!!

Well, we left at 4:30 and met the rest of the Shaws at Me N' Ed's for pizza.  Then we walked to Raley's and got lots of personal-sized ice creams, which we ate in the store.  That was in honor of Justus's birthday and a great ski day!  I think that every ski day should end like and ice cream...don't you?

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  1. That was SO much fun last night!!!!
    We've ended quite a few ski
    days at Me-N-Ed's!!!!!!!!!!