Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

A new year has come.

On the 31st, we attended the 8th annual New Year's Eve party at our friends the Shaw's house.  With the house full of friends and laughter, falling asleep was out of the question for anyone over the age of 10.  But as the night wore on, many of the littles found comfortable places to take naps...

Jed and Rosco

The activities of the night included: three Bible quizzes (Macy won the big one!), a great slideshow put together by Chase, and a time of prayer before the countdown to the new year...

Science experiments with Mr. Shaw

Discarded footwear

Bible and prayer time



It was a great night.  Our family stayed until 3:30 a.m..  Then we went home and crashed into our beds.  I woke up the next morning feeling well rested--after all, the clock read 10:20 a.m.!

That afternoon of 1-1-13, we headed back over to the Shaw's and had some more fun with them and the Petersens (and Jeremy).  Because that's what friends do...come over and hang out, stand in circles saying nothing and wishing we could all take naps, play knockout, have more mochas, etc.  Mr. Shaw had some more activities for us, including walking on eggs and learning about air pressure.  Thanks to Justus, Elley and Delaney for demonstrating the latter and climbing into {clean} garbage bags, and thank you Brad Petersen, for doing a handstand on a bunch of eggs and not breaking them.

We stayed late.  Again.  Like I said, what are friends for??  It was a blast.  

For now, I have more posts to work on.  Happy new year, folks!!!  God bless y'all!!!!!!!!

-All photos, save the first, were taken by Justus Shaw-


  1. WOOT WOOT!!! Yeah, that night/morning was so much fun! did you get any pictures of Brad on the eggs? And standing in circles saying nothing only happened once! :D haha.... Congrats to Macy and the boys for winning the quizzes!!!

  2. Hi Haley! Saw all your pics...They came out wonderful! Still have to have coffee with you! :) We'll have to talk about a date! :)

  3. yeah that was alot of fun! Great seeing y'all!