Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tennessee pictures.

A couple weeks ago, Dad and I flew back to Tennessee for a few days.  With a dream of someday possibly having a second home there, we looked at condos, houses and properties on a large lake that caught Dad's eye some time ago.  It was a neat learning experience for me, and we enjoyed our father/daughter time a lot!

I tried to take lots of I was told:

The wings had "no step" on them...

Upon arriving in Atlanta, GA, we stopped in for a visit with some old friends and met their new, adorable baby girl!!  It was a blessing spending time with them. :)  

Abigail quite enjoyed getting her picture taken

The next day, we drove up and into TN., taking a scenic highway for the last leg of the journey.

In a red Dodge Avenger.  I'm a happy girl.

The weather was less than ideal the whole time, making it difficult to get many pretty scenery shots, so that explains the lack of landscape pictures.  Plus, I was perpetually carsick for most of the trip, so I didn't do too much picture-taking from the front seat. :/

These are much more fun than curvy roads!

Obviously, I feel fine in this photo!

I love this car, even though it's not rated well in Consumer Reports (that piece of knowledge is from Delaney)

The best door knocker-thingy ever

This is it! ;) (well, it had a lake view anyway...)

*sigh* I ran into one of these...just shows how unacquainted I am with storm doors.

Fog over Watts Bar

On Sunday, we attended a NCFIC church in Knoxville with our new friends, the Juarez family.  They were friends-of-friends that we spent Saturday night with, and we quickly became good friends.  I look forward to seeing more of their family when our paths cross. :)

The largest potluck I've been to yet! many precious children...

Thank you, Juarez family, for showing us hospitality and for your friendship!

Okay, so you want to be extremely literal, eh?

I love gas stations in TN

College kid at an intersection in his awesome ride

I disagree: "For what have I to do with judging outsiders?  Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?  God judges those outside." -1 Corinthians 5:12-13

The famous courthouse where the Scope's Trial was held

So, we had a wonderful time (except that Dad had a miserable cold) and really loved the state, despite the gloomy weather.  The lakes and waterways are so magnificent, and that's the real draw for our family.  We have always dreamed of living somewhere on the water, and having a boat and adventuring in whole new territories.  We're excited for the opportunity that God is giving us and praying to make the right choices for the future.  Whatever the Lord wills!


  1. Hi Haley! Cool pics! Thinking about moving?! Not yet! We hopefully will get together before that ever takes place! :)

  2. Great pictures Haley! I really like "fog over watts bar". Sooooo cool! I want to go to TN this time of year! I've only been in the Summer and Late Fall.

  3. Lovely pictures, Haley!! Looks like you had alot of fun. TN is a beautiful place. A couple of my siblings want to live there when they are older.

  4. You got some nice photos in there Haley!
    I like the one with the ladder in the water and the one with the fog was nice too!

    The Dodge... If you didn't die and it looked cool that's what counts, right?

  5. That car is just awesome! I love it!!! :)

  6. I went to that church when I was in Knoxville.