Monday, March 11, 2013

~A special day~

If you can guess who this is, then call him up and wish him a happy birthday!!!

Daddy, I love you because.... 
  1. You love me
  2. You're the best boss in all of history
  3. You have the same love languages as me
  4. You love God
  5. You are the kind of man I want to marry
  6. You're a role model to young men
  7. You can be friends with everyone
  8. You love dark chocolate (even though I don't)
  9. You study God's Word and get wisdom
  10. You fall asleep listening to sermons
  11. You like watching "Andy Griffith" with us
  12. You wear awesome jeans
  13. You let me talk about anything with you
  14. You hold my hand, even though I'm 16
  15. You love taking walks outside
  16. Your name is so cool
  17. Your kickboxing makes me look silly
  18. You're the best driving teacher ever
  19. You are patient
  20. You love your family and friends
  21. You are an example of a Godly man
  22. You're concerned for the world's issues
  23. You take care that your ladies dress modestly
  24. You smile all the time :)
  25. You run like a football player
  26. Your eyes twinkle
  27. You have devotions with us
  28. You love to go on adventures and travel to neat places
  29. You like Wal-Mart
  30. You have always loved children
  31. You are the leader of our home
  32. You're sooooo handsome....
  33. You love having three daughters
  34. You have a great sense of humor
  35. You are optimistic
  36. You take us on dates
  37. You're a wonderful music coach
  38. You are really strong
  39. You love mom
  40. You play the piano and read music very well
  41. You like our cat...even though you act like you don't
  42. You don't speed anymore
  43. You tuck us in and pray with us every night
  44. You encourage us in our music more than anyone
  45. You always work hard and do your very best
  46. You laugh at yourself
  47. You dream really, really big (and they come true!)
  48. You train us up in the teaching and admonition of the Lord
  49. You're an amazing skier--on ice and water!
  50. You are the best dad in the whole world, and I love you
And.....51.....You plan on taking us to Tennessee this summer for an awesome adventure!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Howie! I love you, you gorgeous hunk of a man!
    <3 Sandra

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Beyer!!!
    That was a very sweet post, Haley!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Beyer! Great post, Haley! :)
    Miss you all! :)