Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sound of the Trumpet Conferece!

If any of you read Emilie's most recent post, that explains where our family spent the better part of last week.  We arrived on Wednesday evening, and worked hard on Thursday and Friday to prepare for the best conference of the whole year!!!!  I didn't take many pictures, Em said I should post some.

During the conference, there were many gifted speakers who shared and exhorted.  We sang many beautiful songs praising our Creator, and we enjoyed the glorious weather and landscape of the Parish ranch.  It was a rich time for all of us!

The shop was re-decorated

Dad the greeter and parking manager

I could not stop taking pictures of this guy :)

Mother, the chief organizer and head of management


Beautiful Bonnie <3

Ladies' tea

Wendy Walker spoke during the ladies' session

Trumpet cookies!!

Little family

Gregg Raymundo gave a wonderful testimony

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the irresistible children running around everywhere.  They are all familiar with a lens in their face. :)

Armed and ready

Praise God for a wonderful weekend of sharpening, encouragement, friends and exhortation!


  1. Such a fun weekend!!!:)

  2. Lovely pictures, Haley!! I had a great time with you!

  3. Great pics Haley!!! It was fun to be there with everyone and you!!! I'll never forget it!!:)