Friday, May 10, 2013

The Petersens visit

Our family was very blessed to show hospitality to the Petersen family as they came through town!  They stayed Sunday and Monday night, and it was wonderful!  We stayed up late each night discussing some great topics, and the days were filled with conversation, games, dolls (thanks to Libbey and Abigayle!), shooting and music.  

This lovely picture illustrates the outcome of a young girl popping out her spacer, but getting it put back in by a former RDA.  Thanks, Mrs. Petersen!

Megan, Brad, Kevin and Luke did a lot of shooting with their 22's and killed a ton of nasty woodpeckers and squirrels.  Since the rodents tear up our yard to badly, we offered them a job on the spot to shoot them for us.  But they have their own business to attend to. ;)

Afternoon tea (photo taken by Luke)

The little ladies enjoy a tea party of their own


"So yeah, then I shot nine woodpeckers out of the same tree..."  

On Monday evening, dark clouds rolled in and thunder rolled off the mountains.  The glow of the sunset was magnificent against the black clouds in the northeast, and lightning flashed in huge bolts across the sky.  Pretty soon it was pouring rain.  Most of us sat outside on the deck patio and ate dinner while we watched the storm rage.  It was breathtaking!  I was too busy living the moment to grab my camera, but Megan got a few nice photos.  After dinner we turned off the lights to watch the storm some more, than played music for a while.  One by one, we dropped off to bed, only a few staying up until 1:30 a.m. to enjoy deep discussion.  

Grace and I <3 (picture by Libbey)

Tuesday was a little misty, but we did more shooting and games and such.  After lunch, the Petersen's packed up and headed out.  But we'll see them soon, Lord willing, when one of our families goes on a trip, or our trips cross paths...

After lunch table talk shortly before departing

God bless!


  1. We had an awesome time staying with y'all!

    Thanks Beyers!

  2. They must have stopped by your home after seeing us! Fun pictures!