Friday, June 28, 2013


Day 44:  Messages in the dust

This is the chalkboard where notes are left, greetings are written, reminders scribbled, and thoughts captured....

Day 45:  Unfortunate duck at Bass Lake

We were lounging on our boat, enjoying the peace and quiet, admiring the ducks and geese as they floated around us, when this guy startled us quite a bit.  He was swimming around as nice as you please, perfectly fine, with.....a dart through his head.  Very photogenic!

Day 46:  Miss Glory Joy

Meet my little friend Joy!  She truly is a joyful lady and we were blessed to have her, her sisters and mother here for Saturday night.  It was lots of fun!!!

Day 47:  The game of the month

Libbey has been into Monopoly Jr. recently, so Delaney and I have played quite a few games with her.  It's pretty fun, except that Lib ALWAYS wins! :)

Day 48:  More games...this time a small city

This is SweetStreetville.  Welcome!  Libbey is still setting up the shops and as of yet it's unpopulated.  But that will soon change.......

Day 49:  Mistaken breezes

I read a good quote today that I thought I'd share: 
"Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.  Aim at earth and you get neither."
-C. S. Lewis

Day 50:  Bass Lake a week later--

On Thursday we spent the day at Bass Lake with our cousins!!  We had a blast taking boat rides, tubing and skiing.  Here, Christian (right) and his friend Nicholas take a wild ride on the tube of terror (and fun).


  1. Great pics, Haley! Looks like your cousins had fun with you all! I'll volunteer to gladly companion you on a boat ride! ;)