Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Days 23-30

Well, I'm back with new pictures!!  I'm 30 days into the Project and still finding things to take pictures of!

Day 23:  It's all in how you look at it~

It's not somebodies birthday--that's to keep the birds away!  Also, I could have been neater on that paint job...

Day 24:  Silhouetted profile

Our swing is very photogenic.

Day 25:  Self portrait fail - or not?

I took this on a walk to the mailbox.  I misjudged my distance and cut my head and shoulders off in the picture, but Delaney liked it that way (I think we have a problem here?).  So here it is.  Day 25!

Day 26:  Wind in the hair!

This was a fun shoot!  Delaney hung over the side of the deck and I took this from our porch.  I was going for her hair especially, and I'm really pleased on how it turned out!

Day 27:  My smiley cousin Maren :)

Our family drove down to Pleasanton on Friday for my cousin's wedding.  The rehearsal dinner was Friday night, and Maren here is playing peek-a-boo with me!

Day 28:  A family wedding - The cutest ring bearer and flower girl ever!!

I couldn't decide which was the cutest here, so I just posted both!  Laila did a great job flinging the rose petals into the air, and Sean was all business with his safe that was handcuffed to him.  They were both SO serious too, it was hilarious!!

Day 29:  I will lift my eyes to the heavens

We get the most magnificent sunsets here.  Except for maybe Maui's sunsets, they're the best!

Day 30:  Impromptu family photo

Delaney and Libbey set up the Henderson family for a Christmas photo today.  They're all so good at posing for the camera!  They even managed to retain normal color in their faces, despite being upside down.  Bravo!

And so the 313 Project continues..........


  1. Love the Henderson Family

  2. Oh, fun;) Youre so the pics!! Your self portrait was cute..even with your head missing. ;P

  3. Taking a look at your pics! Love them, as usual! :) Let's see if I can post this!Love, Auntie Didar

  4. Great pictures Haley! The sunset is my favorite. I love seeing the sun rise and set every day.

  5. Great pictures, Haley!! The sunset one is good one! But I also like your self portrait!! ;)