Monday, February 10, 2014


Day 239:  After the storm

I didn't retouch this photo....and look at that beautiful blue sky!  The air was so fresh and clean, and the sun shone brightly on the sparkling wet earth.  Thank God for the beautiful day!

Day 240:  Stuff

I suppose I could put in a hipster caption like "Life is too short to put boxes in the basement", but I just didn't.  Well, I did, but anywho......those four boxes were full of old family photos, and I looked at each and every photo there was.  It was quite a job, and I loved it.  (By the way, those are my grandma's boxes.)

Day 241:  Debate day

At 4:00 this afternoon, our whole family piled on our couches and watched the creation/evolution debate between these two gentlemen.  It was really interesting!  I enjoyed it immensely.  

Day 242:  Sunrise Sunset

I love walking to the mailbox and getting this kind of view.  God's handiwork is breathtaking, is it not?

Day 243:  Rain, rain, please stay

Little February showers <3

Day 244:  Intrusion

I've always wanted to capture the moment when milk is poured into hot tea.  And so, during my teatime with Libbey this afternoon, I did!  Didn't it turn out lovely?

Day 245:  Impression


Day 246:  Party time!

Our family (our WHOLE family) celebrated my grandparent's 60th anniversary on Saturday.  It was a wonderful day, and the chocolate fountain made it all the better! :)

Day 247:  Glass

I'm always amazed at the intricate cuts and designs made in glass.


  1. Lovely pictures Haley!! The tea picture is so cool! Great job :)

  2. Great pictures Haley! Love the first one:)

  3. Great pictures, Haley! I really love Day 239, 242, and 244!