Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm back!

It's been a week since I posted last, and so much happened in that time!  Not only am I nearing the end of my photo project, we also moved across the country!  This is, again, a photo-filled post.  

on Friday night of April 4th, the Shaws gave us a going-away party at their house.  Over 100 people came!  I was amazed and blessed to be surrounded by so many dear people.  There was good food and lots of chocolate, some music and lots of talking, and LOTS of hugs.  Right up my alley.  I was very grateful to spend time with all of our friends and make memories one last time (for now).  

On Sunday the 6th, our whole church gathered in Fresno.  We took many photos and had a lovely time of prayer and encouragement with our church body.  After a delicious BBQ lunch, most of the adults/older kids played volleyball, and the other kids had relay races and just ran around like kids do.  I tried to take pictures, but didn't get that many since I was socializing and holding babies.  It was a special day. :)

Monday to Wednesday, the 7th through 9th:  packing, cleaning, organizing, packing, cleaning, organizing.  Etc.  Some friends came on Tuesday afternoon to help finish packing the trailer, and that night we had a pizza party at Round Table and ice cream at Raley's.  Tradition, of course!  At 11:30 that evening, after we were kicked out of the closing Raley's, we stood in the parking lot and said goodbye to some of our very dearest friends.  Too bad we didn't have tissues.  

Wednesday morning came quickly.  We did more packing, cleaning and organizing, and when there was nothing to do we just lay on the bare living room floor and daydreamed.  After Dad got in a full work day, he and Chase Shaw packed up the truck and we girls packed the Camry.  Both of our vehicles were stuffed, just like the cars you hope to find on road trip games.  Organization became ridiculous.  Who cares if the kitchen stuff is all together, just stuff that salad spinner over there!  Put that box of Christmas ornaments in the backseat!  As long as it can get stuffed in, who cares?  My OCD tendencies were thoroughly squelched.

At 9:00 p.m., we pulled out and drove on towards our new life.

Day 295:  Inverting

Of course, this is photoshopped.  The original was far too boring, but this helped!  At least, the oddness of it is interesting.

Day 296:  House

Another picture of my house.  Well, it's not mine anymore.  

Day 297:  Crooked

An empty house provides for some fun shots.  This is a rare photo of us smiling on the day we left.  Libbey's doing her best to look happy.

Day 298:  The long road

I think this was in Arizona.  The southwest all looks the same to me, for the most part.

Day 299:  Look now

Sorry for the blur, but it was dark.  I still can't believe that basically all of our possessions are in those three vehicles.  Or two vehicles and one container.

Day 300:  Smiling.....kind of

Libbey had only been awakened just minutes before this was taken.

Day 301:  Home!

THIS is our very own dogwood tree!!!!!!  We actually have 3+ on the property, but this was the most bloomed.  It's beautiful!!!!!

Alrighty, here's a web album with about 34 pictures in it from the last week: Photo album


  1. Enjoyed the sweet time spent with you all. We will miss you!

  2. Great pictures, Haley! I miss you so so so so much! Hope to see you very soon!