Saturday, April 5, 2014

Redo post!

Well, last night I was informed that my most recent post had vanished.  For a few blissful hours I believed that I had a copy somewhere in my emails, but a quick check this afternoon denied that.  Ugh.  So here I am, starting all over.  Only this time, I have had to re-write all my dialogue and have added my most recent 313 pictures. Enjoy, y'all!

Day 284:  Ice cream & friends

My dear friend Maddie Gindorf flew in from Flagstaff to stay with our family on the 20th!!  She was at my graduation and stayed through the Sound of a Trumpet Conference (the 31st).  She and I have made so many special memories together......I love her to pieces! <3

Day 285:  Adjusting Old Navy 

On March 26th, we drove to the Parish's for the conference.  On the way, we stopped at Old Navy and got some clothes.  We noticed that a few of the storefront models were *scandalously* dressed, so we fixed them up.  This lady's top was all unbuttoned, but obviously we fixed that. :)

Day 286:  Mother's busy hands

Mom is in charge of all the food organization for the annual conference.  She is amazing!  

Day 287:  Boring

Yes, this is boring.  Sorry.

Day 288:  Such color

Burritos, anyone?

Day 289:  Mom's pride and joy

Isn't this beautiful?  We're so blessed to have such lovely flowers blooming in our yard!

Day 290:  We've come so far

Moving is becoming very, very real to us.  This is just a tiny bit of all our stuff!

Day 291:  Closet (brilliant title, I know)

It's been a LONG time since Dee and Lib's closet looked this empty.  

Day 292:  And so it begins

Insanity, begin!  Packing is not fun.

Day 293:  Sweet sis

Libbey catches a moment in between the craziness.  

Day 294:  Pop, anyone?  

Today we are in the middle of some serious packing and moving and emptying.  I will make a big post on that sometime soon.....maybe.

HERE is a link to a web album of my graduation, Maddie's visit and the Trumpet conference.

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  1. Great pictures, I enjoyed looking at them all! :)