Friday, May 30, 2014

May update

We have been at Green Acres for about 6 weeks now.  June 1st will mark 50 days exactly.  Life is good here in East Tennessee.

Decorating a new house has been a joy and a challenge.  Now that we've got things hanging up on the walls and most of our belongings all over the place, it is looking homey and comfortable.  We made a coat rack downstairs using an abandoned board and some dock cleats.  Our instruments are hanging in the living room.  Delaney, Libbey and I share a small bedroom.  We hope to make quite a few changes to the house in a series of remodels, so all of our sleeping arrangements will eventually change.

Most Sundays we attend Basswood Church in Knoxville.  We are making many acquaintances and have been attending Wednesday night Bible studies at a family's home about 45 minutes away.  Sundays look a lot like what our family is used to back home, only on a grander scale.  The congregation meets at 10:30 for the service, which goes until around noon.  Then there is a potluck meal, followed by a second, shorter session.  Communion usually wraps up the gathering.  We have heard that a group of people go to a park nearby to play ultimate frisbee at a park nearby, and we'd like to be a part of that sometime as well.

I absolutely LOVE the weather here!  It is ever changing, especially since the lake creates its own weather.  As I write, the water is as smooth as glass and the sky a little hazy.  The sun is warm and Libbey is playing outside, something she didn't do as much back in Cali.  Our property here is perfect to run around in, and our circular driveway provides an endless track for Lib to ride her bike!

Here is a link to my latest web album, with plenty of pictures and informative captions.  Let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Haley,
    Just catching up on your blog after being gone for a few weeks, etc... It was fun seeing your pics and the memory in one of being at your new home! :) I'm so glad I got Deb and I got to visit with you all! Keep writing and taking pictures!!!
    Love, Auntie Didar

  2. Thank you for the update Haley! It was really nice seeing all the pictures of your home. And, TN is beautiful :)