Monday, July 7, 2014

A week with friends & Independence Day

Last Friday marked the 238th anniversary of our country's freedom.  The 4th of July is my mother's favorite holiday, and we made sure to celebrate it in our favorite way!  We were blessed to have the Nichols spend a week with us, so I will start the photos by going back to the days leading up to the 4th.  If you like posts with a lot of pictures, you've come to the right place!

This is the main reason why the Nichols came in the first place.  Mr. Nichols is working with Dad now!!  This is an arrangement that we are all very excited about. :)

While the dads pounded away on their keyboards, we kids were put to the task of moving a pile of rocks to use as riprap along our bank.  This will protect the bank from water erosion.  It was hot and we got dirty and squashed lots of bugs, but it was worth it.

One pile down, one to go!

Now we have fun!!


We are sufficiently wet.


The fun group ;).

And we know it.

An evening tube ride.  Here's a good pic of us before we get our arms ripped out of our sockets by a speedy boat driver.

A few days later.  We are making a home movie.

Whatever Delaney does, she is all there!

And then there's Michael.

Go Brazil!  We're all excited about the World Cup, so we showed our support for Brazil in appropriate attire. :)

Libbey's epic photobomb.

9-pointed star...

4th of July!  Our families drove to the waterfront and enjoyed a few hours watching boat races, seeing classic cars, eating pizza and getting hot in the warm sun.  

Beyer and Nichol dads and moms.

Our patriotic mothers!

Our dads!  Mr. Nichols at least wore blue and white. :)

And the rest of us.  Michael was a good sport, being that he was the only guy between 5 girls.  We all had a great time. :)

Lakefront walk.


Dad loves Mom.

Michael, Melissa, Delaney and I taking a break.

Later in the day.  Back at home, the guys burned a big pile of brush while we girls prepared dinner.

Happy people!!

Michele and Libbey being cute and wet.

Hot dogs are ready!

4th of July love.

Michael with Snippy.  Snippy is the stick.

Dinner is served!  We filled up on beans, hot dogs, fruit and kabobs before heading out on our boat to see the firework show on the lake in town.

"We should bring our shawl tonight in case we get chilled."

Michele and I waiting for the fireworks!  We kept ourselves well entertained. :)

This is a publicity photo from Watts Bar Lake's website, because I didn't take any of my own pictures of the firework show.  But this gives you an idea.  The show was marvelous (bigger than Bass Lake's and longer, just for a comparison) and it was amazing to see it from the water!  We all enjoyed it so much.

Glow sticking.  Libbey is well sprinkled!

Happy wonderful Independence Day everyone!  I hope y'all enjoyed the holiday as much as we did!  Does your family have a 4th of July tradition?


  1. Looks like you all had a ton of fun!!! We went to Bass Lake which was a blast!

  2. You really should ask me before putting some of those pictures on the web!! :):)

  3. That is such a classic Michael picture!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your fourth!! It was fun to see all the pics! Looking forward to visiting in September!!
    Love, Auntie Didar

  5. Thank you for your family's hospitality! We had an enjoyable time with you all!:)

  6. I like your Brazilian shirts. When are you going to post about the trip to the Creation museam.