Friday, August 1, 2014

The great catch-up {Part 1 of 2}

June and July have been the busiest months yet for our family!  We kicked off June with a fantastic road trip up to Northern Kentucky, to the Creation Museum.  Our plan was to spend the weekend there with our friends from California, who were flying out to go to the museum as well.  

On our way up north, we stopped for lunch in Cumberland Falls State Park.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a lovely picnic close to the falls.

Above the falls.

Below the falls.

The homemade peach hand pies were a hit!

God's handiwork is incredible, is it not?

There was this hollow tree...

I thought this was a very Kentucky sort of scene.

Friday night:  The Beckers were due to arrive on the 9:00 plane into the Cincinnati Airport.  Delaney had to make sure their flight was on time. :)

By the way, the kids were COMPLETELY surprised!!

The next morning, Mrs. Becker surprised Mom in her hotel room.  She had flown in early in the morning, now it was Mom who got the surprise of her life!

Having just arrived at the Creation Museum, we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the parking lot.

Jed couldn't pass up holding a Boa.

The Botanical Gardens had a few lovely bridges.

We took LOTS of pictures of these ladies.

This Zorse adored all of Hannah's attention!

Wyatt's head was also tasty, apparently.

Most of us agreed that the snake show was fascinating :).

I even got a new necklace out of it.

Meet Daisy, the 100-pound python.  She does have a head, but didn't hold still for the camera very well.

Hannah wasn't on this dinosaur's good side ;).

On Sunday afternoon, Hannah, Wyatt, Delaney and I went on their zip-line course.

Hannah was the first to jump.

Then me.

Followed by Delaney.

And last but not least, Wyatt.

Being the man of good taste that he is, Wyatt indulged in a HotLix sucker.  There was a cricket inside of this one.

I love these cuties.

Mr. Becker was adamant that this was the best way to take a group picture.  The camera survived the ordeal.

Back home at Green Acres, Libbey lights up the night with her sparklers from the fireworks superstore.

~Part 2 coming soon!~


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast!!! The zip-line looks super fun!
    By the way, I love your chevron wristlet, where in the world do you get it:):):)

  2. That trip was SOOOOOO much fun!! I was wondering if you were EVER going to post about it. :) Miss you!

  3. There are so many great memories of that trip. The PIES, if you want to get really specific!! :)

  4. That trip was a lot of fun!!!! I'm glad you finally posted about it. :) By the way the hotlix was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!