Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas post with pictures!

This Christmas season has been a big one for our family.  We took the opportunity to serve others and enjoy the chill in the air and the giving of gifts.   Here are pictures of a holiday party we hosted for some ladies.  We young ladies made gingerbread houses for prizes at a party for Helping Hands.

These are some pictures of our family and the Shaw’s singing at a couple of nursing homes…

Christmas has always been a fun holiday for our family.  We’ve always been home (with the exception of one year), and it is usually a restful couple of days together as a family.  This year, my Mom’s parents came for an appetizer dinner and dessert on Christmas Eve, and both brunch and dinner on Christmas Day.  It was so fun and special to celebrate Christ’s birth with my family.  Yes, presents and lights and food are great, but Christ came humbly and lowly, and we acknowledged that by reading from the Gospel of Luke and discussing it for devotions on Christmas Eve.  I know the phrase is heard and read everywhere, but He IS the reason for the season!

This is the last web album of pictures from Christmas Eve/Christmas Day...

Merry, blessed Christmas to you all!

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  1. Loved seeing your Christmas pics!
    Auntie Didar