Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spreading holiday cheer

Every year around Christmas time, Dad likes to visit all his clients in Fresno and bring Christmas-y treats for the offices.  We've done dipped pretzels, Costco truffle boxes and certificates for restaurants and that sort of thing. 

This year, after trying my Aunt's delicious mint truffles at Thanksgiving, Dad decided that we girls were going to make batches for all the clients!  So in two days, Mom, my sisters and I made 6 batches of these truffles...over 200 truffles total.  We made a batch of peppermint bark for two employees at one of the companies, and Mom also made a two-layer carrot cake for one of the offices (it's tradition with them), so she was wiped out.  But, once all the treats were wrapped up and ready to deliver, it was worth the effort.  Here are a few pictures of the mint truffles and peppermint bark:

So, when Dad, Delaney and I delivered all the goodies last week, they were VERY happily received and consumed.:)  It was fun to do and certainly worth the effort. 

I will be posting again soon, with updates on what we've been up to.


  1. Delicious!! I love the cups you put them in also! So cute!! Auntie Didar

  2. They look SOOOOO yummy!!!!!!!!!!~Macy