Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!

When I think of all the fatherless children in the world today, I feel 110% more blessed to know that I have a father that is dedicated to Christ and his family, and lives to serve and love them. 

Last night, our family went to a very nice dinner to celebrate Dad's birthday.  But today, his actual birthday, we are hosting Sunday fellowship and honoring his birthday as well!

I think that my dad exemplifies Galatians 5:22-23 very well.  He uses it a lot to teach us how to be, and he is a wonderful example of living it.  I admire how he is servant-hearted, patient, loving and merciful to this house of women that can be silly, emotional, over-affectionate and just...girly.  But he doesn't care!  He also works really, really hard in prospering his home-business and serves his clients faithfully.  I am blessed that Dad employed me to be a small part of the VC (Virtual Controller)!

Dad has taught always taught us to love and serve God by reading the Bible and thoroughly studying it.  He is discerning and has studied many doctrines teachings to further his understanding in them.  But he is careful and holds them all up to the light of Scripture, as the Lord commands.  I feel very secure, knowing that he is learning and getting answers for the questions we are asking.  He is a wise and discerning man, which I regard very highly.

Not only does Daddy have a very serious and quiet side, but he has a big fun and adventurous one too!  He loves to travel, which is great because his business is compatible to that, and adventure is his middle name.  Our family took a trip around the U.S. in a trailer, and many other small trips that held unique and exciting new things each time!  He loves to try new things and do stuff that other people can't do until they're retired or something.  He works hard at his business when we're traveling, but always finds time to be adventurous with the family!

Overall, I am extremely blessed and grateful to have Howard Beyer for my father.  Happy birthday, and I love you, Daddy!!!!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Beyer!!!
    May the Lord God Bless you on your 51 year of life! :-)