Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ski Badger Pass!!!!!

Yesterday, our family went up to Badger Pass in Yosemite to ski.  Some of our friends caravaned with us and we all had a great day on the slopes.  The weekend storm had layed down a base of nice snow, and although it got slushy in the afternoon, it was still great to be up there!  

Delaney and I snowboarded for part of the day, and this year I'm FINALLY getting the hang of it!  Of course, I'm a skier at heart, but it's cool to do both.  And Libbey is getting to be a good little skier herself...even going on the "big" runs!  She'll take off next year for sure.

Afterwards, we of course had pizza at Me-N-Ed's.  How else would we end a ski day?!

Here's a picture of the group...cheers to making memories!!

(Photo taken on Holly Shaw's camera, thanks Holly!)

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