Saturday, July 13, 2013

My photography challenge continues

I'm finally posting again.  I haven't given up on this project!  The more photos I take, the more I learn and the better I train my eye for detail and beauty in all things.  Emilie, who is doing the project with me, is doing a great job as well!  It's been a great experience for me, and I'm sure it's been the same for Em as well.

Day 51:  Recollections of times past

These are my journals that I've kept since 2008.  I'm currently working on my 11th and still love it!

Day 52:  Looking closer at an everyday object

Behold my front door!  I love the glass design and it photographs well, especially with the natural light.

Day 53:  Someone's watching over me

Or....glaring at me?  This big hawk was sitting in the tree next to Dad's office, so I took out my camera and took about 25 pictures of it.  This was my favorite!

Day 54:  Music is life!

This was just a piece of music that was lying around.  I liked this phrase the best. ;)

Day 55:  Libbey's current favorite toys

These dolls have graced our kitchen island for the past week.  They're so cute!!

Day 56:  Independence Day

O, say, can you see?  The flag still waves, a symbol of our country's freedom.

Day 57:  Downsized castle

Grandma and Grandpa have so many cute trinkets at their house, and this is my favorite.  It looks like something from Narnia!

Day 58:  Those funny walls.....

Our family visited a friend of Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday, and she had a mirrored wall (Dad calls it classic 70's) in the dining room.  It was so interesting!  

Day 59:  Puzzles galore

Libbey and Delaney completed 3 1/2 puzzles over the weekend.  These are the first two.  Libbey here admires her work. :)

Day 60:  Current Bible reading

~1 Corinthians 13~

Day 61:  My heart is steadfast

The book of Psalms is the finest collection of poetry ever written.  Not only that, but it was inspired by God!

Day 62:  Recipe on a picture frame?

This is an actual recipe on a picture frame that hangs in our dining room.  One of these days I want to try it and see if they really ARE the best sugar cookies!!

Day 63:  Friday night treats!

Homemade mini ice cream sandwiches!  Take a mini chocolate chip cookie, top it with a scoop of Java Chip ice cream, then smoosh another cookie on top.  Freeze for 5 minutes, then eat!  SO good!!!!!  Mini sized is a good way to eat 2 in one sitting. :)

Day 64:  Fruits and nuts.......:)

Snacks on the silver dish that Dad and Mom got for their 25th wedding anniversary.  They are celebrating 29 years on July 21st this year!!!!  

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I LOVE your pictures Haley! Keep them coming! I love the way you see things thru your camera! And yes, the mirrored walls are very 70ish!! HA I really like the extra details seen in the close up of your front door! Nice!
    Love, Auntie Didar

  2. I LOVE your pics, Haley!! Keep it up! ;)

  3. Lovely pictures, Haley!! You. Make me feel bad about not posting :)

  4. Aw Em, you've been so busy on your trip, you're going to have a great post coming up :)! I can't wait to see your pictures!!