Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Squeezing in some time for pictures.......

Our family has been extremely busy lately.  More on that to come very soon!  But here are some more 313 pictures!

Day 65:  A glance at my desk

I found a neat metal calendar at a rummage sale that has magnets to tell the date and year.  I love it!  Libbey made this purple flower for me out of tissue paper, and I keep it on my picture board.

Day 66:  The end of an era

Please join us in bidding our trailer farewell, as it departs to a new family.  It has served us well and we have many good memories with it.  So long, farewell!!

Day 67:  Youth night on the lake

Dad and Mom took Delaney and I, along with our friends--Chase, Holly, Macy and Hannah--to Bass Lake for an evening of tubing.  It was a blast!  Pictured here are Chase and Holly.  Chase's hair was still dry in this pic, even though they had been riding for some time.  Dad took care of that though. ;)  For dinner, we docked at Miller's and had burgers.  For dessert, Dad and Mom and Chase had individual cups of ice cream, and the five of us girls shared a Fudge Bucket--a sand bucket filled with ice cream...topped with 2 inches of whipped cream...drizzled with fudge sauce...topped with nuts and sprinkles.  It was very good, and we finished it. :)

Day 68:  After a long day in Fresno...

all the time!
I did not take this, but this is how I typically feel after a shopping day.  But today, I hit the jackpot:

I did take this.  Of my new jeans that are modest and actually fit....everywhere.  YAY!  Oh, and I do believe the name fits as well.....haha just kidding!

Day 69:  Selfie

This is a selfie.  Of course!  What else do you do when you're in front of a mirror with a camera?!

Day 70:  Big huge lake day

Here are Mother and Mrs. Becker tubing.  They had a BLAST!!!!!!!  The looks on their faces say it all, if you can see through the blur.  The focus was on the pretty wave in front of them.

Day 71:  The necklace that I never wear

This is a pearl necklace with a flashy gold/fake diamond bead in the middle.  I'm not quite sure when to wear it or what to wear it with.  So it hangs on my dresser looking very classy.

Day 72:  At the car wash

God is acknowledged, even in the back alleys and washes.  God bless!

Day 73:  Tea with the girls

I didn't take this, but I wanted to put it up as a 313 pic anyway.  Holly and I haven't gotten a good picture together since we both had braces, so it was about time. :)

Day 74:  Distressed wood....literally

This old redwood is now grey and very distressed indeed.  But it still faithfully serves as a solid foundation for the boat's least, we hope it's a solid foundation....

Day 75:  And so the Beyer's leave on yet another trip across the country

Here are the Beyer and Shaw families (minus me) outside our local diner at 9:00 in the morning.  We partook of a delicious donut and orange juice breakfast together.  Then we Beyer's drove on to a new adventure, one which I will expound on in the next post!

Day 76:  Lake Mead

This lake was SO warm, about 85 degrees!  It was, as you can see, quite relaxing.  Delaney also took time to enjoy the beautiful lake.  I will tell more about this later. :)

Day 77:  Maddie and I meet new friends during a shopping trip ;)

My friend Maddie poses here with some models at Old Navy.  We had quite a fun trip, which included trying on funny clothes and buying tomatoes.  We love our quality time together, don't we Maddie?? <3

Okay, keep looking for updates as I will soon be posing a detailed account of our latest travel plans.  I will include pictures and stories, so watch out!


  1. Nice pictures, Haley! I love them all! ;) Old Navy is a favorite of mine! ;)

  2. Fantastic pictures, Haley!! I like the picture of Maddie with the models. I think she could be a model herself :) Also, good job posting pictures while on a trip!! I am thoroughly impressed :):)

  3. Yes Haley, we do enjoy our time. I miss you a whole lot! I had a blast with you! Were those jeans you bought similar to the ones you tried on here?

  4. Sadly no, they were not the ones. They're the ones I had on the night we arrived. I wish I had those others though!!!!