Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pictures, photos, images.....

Day 78:  Bananagrams!

Delaney went a little wild with this game.  She's really good at it!

Day 79:  Inspiration for _______________ in the movie "Cars"

Can you guess?  Let me know in the comments below!  This is in Shamrock, Texas.

Day 80:  !!

....And then this semi truck headed right towards us!!!!  (Jk, it's being towed).

Day 81:  Sadness

Our car game said we had to find evidence of a fire near the road.  I think this qualified.  Unfortunately, somebody lost a car over it. :(

Day 82:  Bored

When I've been in the car for days...bored....this is all I can give you.

Day 83:  We have arrived!!!

On Monday morning, our family launched the boat for the first time in Watts Bar lake!  Isn't it beautiful?  More pictures to come in the next update on our trip.

Day 84:  Tuesday morn

The calm before the summer rainstorm--Watts Bar in the late morning. 

Day 85:  T is for Tennessee!

Just a glimpse of the lovely TN riverside.

Day 86:  Hair, hair, hair

I know, this is kind of random, but I just love the way Delaney's hair looks when it's braided.  All the highlights come out and it just looks so pretty!

Day 87:  Down by the riverside....

Some people enjoy keeping horses.  We saw this on our boat ride today.

Update #2 soon to come!


  1. Wow!!! Pretty pictures, Haley! As for the "Cars" picture...I'm guessing a old gas station?! I'm guessing cuz when I tried to look closer, it looked like it said Conoco on the sign. But I could be wrong. :)

  2. Great pictures!! Your lake picture is absolutely lovely. I have seen the place in your "cars" picture but I have no idea what it inspired.

  3. Liked D's hair! The "Cars" picture would be Flo's Cafe in Radiator Springs, from the movie Cars. I enjoyed watching that movie with you girls.

  4. Great guesses! My answer wast the same as yours, Hannah, but actually it was the inspiration for Ramone's Body Shop! Cool hu?