Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whooo....what do we have here? More pictures.....

Day 88:  More houses around the lake

See the infinity pool?  Those are common here.  Unfortunately our house doesn't have one. :(

Day 89:  The coolest view

This is the view out our dining room window.  It's hard to stay focused on work with that in front of you!

Day 90:  Bugs, insects, arachnids...

They have lots of creepy crawlies here.  Yippee.  

Day 91:  Ping pong from a ball's eye view

Delaney and I are practicing our ping-pong "skills" downstairs in the den.  We've had a lot of fun and have gotten better.  

Day 92:  Traffic on the lake always changes

Today the Coast Guard went by, planting buoys and other misc. jobs.  It was neat to see!

Day 93:  And more traffic, some small, some large!

Check out this barge!  Especially compared to the teeny little skier in the foreground.  Surprisingly, the barges move at a pretty good pace.  This filled the frame for only a few seconds.

Day 94:  Some people just really like their cars

This was too awesome to not photograph!!  I want eyelashes for my car! ;)

Day 95:  God is so good

"And from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."
John 1:16

Day 96:  Our little athlete :)

Libbey loves shooting hoops!  She can beat me in Horse. :)

Day 97:  Nearing sunset

Dad and Mom took a cruise tonight......isn't it beautiful?  I LOVE this view!

Day 98:  When you get the shot you want on the first try.

Still recovering from a nasty cold, I do not feel like taking pictures.  But I persevered!!  I picked up the camera, looked at this biscotti jar and snapped.  Thankfully, it was what I wanted on the first try.  If it hadn't been, you probably wouldn't have seen Day 98. :P


  1. Love the ping pong ball, spider web, and the biscotti jar. Keep it up!

  2. Great pictures! I LOVE biscotti!!!! :) I miss you guys!

  3. Hello Beyers!!! Looks like you are having a blast!! We want to come visit! We'll stay in the guest house!! ~The Petersens

  4. @Petersen family: please come visit!! We'd love to have you and we have LOTS of room for y'all! Not to mention the lake out the back door, but you just want to hang with us, right?! ;)