Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update #3: all settled in on Loudon Lake

This is a short clip of an overcast afternoon here.  We were going to shoot a short movie but when I walked outside, the humidity caused the lens to fog up immediately.  So we just did a little demonstration. :)

We've been in our rental house for two weeks now, and last Saturday we got to put the boat into the lift at the dock!  That will keep the boat much more protected from wakes and changing water levels.  It's amazing, though, how uncrowded the lake is, even on weekends!  It makes Bass Lake seem like LA in comparison.

More tubing!  I actually enjoy going by myself more than with a partner because you can handle it much easier :)

Our rental house from the lake

The weather has been pretty fair as well, not quite as hot as we expected.  The humidity levels go up and down, keeping us in and out all the time!  On a recent outing, it was warm and sticky, and Libbey requested that the air conditioning be turned on.  When Dad replied that it had already been on for a while, she stated, "well, I don't feel any air or conditioning!" 

This is Saturday around noon.  The weekend crowds were simply maddening.

A lot of the homes here are incredible!  Obviously there are some wealthy folks here.  And not surprising either--it's a lovely, peaceful place to be.  Here are pix of just a few that we pass...

Just a simple lakefront cottage

Another middle-sized house

I could hang here!

That big house in the back is the main house, the one by the dock is the guest house, and the dock itself has a bar, hot tub and gas pumps.  We bought it.  Just kidding.

The Coast Guard planting buoys

Sunset on Loudon Lake

A passing barge

I love water skiing!

On Sunday we attended church in Knoxville, then drove around the countryside.  It was raining (yay!) and the windshield would get fogged up from the humidity.  Storms on the lake are so beautiful, and many fishermen go out in their sparkly boats during them in hopes for a good catch.  It's so odd, they go out even in electrical storms!  

Another Monday has come and gone, and Tuesday brought a very sore throat just for me.  In the evening, Dad and Mom took a boat ride and we girls chilled out at the house.  After listening to some audio dramas, we hooked the laptop up to the TV and watched some Drive Thru History and other things.....

~Another beautiful dusk on the lake~

This weekend we have friends coming to stay with us from Georgia!!  We can't wait!  So today we're housecleaning and doing laundry, working and schooling.  It's hard to stay focused when the lake is right out of the window, though. :)  I thank God every day for His incredible blessings to us.  For the gift of traveling, for amazingly supportive family and friends all over the country and back home, and for all the unexpected little things He does that keeps us on our toes.  What are you thankful for today?


  1. Awesome pictures, Haley! The Coast Guard one is my FAVORITE!!!! :)

  2. I'm thankful for the beautiful pictures you share with us, and the writings about your experiences out there!! It's a blessing to know what you are all doing, enjoying, and thankful for! :) Keep them coming! Lots of love, Auntie Didar

  3. love the pictures and updates, Haley, keep them coming!