Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A narrative of our journey in pictures and videos

I'm back, and loaded with pictures and videos!  You knew it was coming.

We only have one night left in this rental, and then we'll move about an hour away to another house on another lake.  Last week we took the boat to a marina for dinner, and that was fun!  

So, here's part 1 of a virtual tour through our house.  I am NOT a filmmaker and so this is not at all professional, not to mention unscripted.  Sorry to all those perfectionist filmmakers out there. :)

Part 2 is down at the end.

Dad and Mom about to leave for their date.  Aren't they sweet?  I love them to bits.

This one-of-a-kind was interesting to see!

We try it all!

Libbey suppresses a proud smile as she displays her Hello Kitty sugar cookie.  What an adorable hunk of sugar overload.

While on a cruise last week, we stumbled upon a wedding on a private peninsula.  Zoom in to see the orange bridesmaid dresses on picture 1.  Either they're part of the Vols' team or they're seriously dedicated fans.

On Friday, we took a day trip up to the Smokey Mountains (Hills, compared to CA!).  Our first stop was the schoolhouse where Sam Houston taught school in the early 1800's, pictured above.  The guidebook told us that admission to the museum and schoolhouse was 50 cents a person (children free), but when we paid the total added up to $3 a person.  Then we checked the copyright of our guidebook and discovered it to be several years old.  Way to go, Mom!

Some little child wrote this inside the schoolhouse.  Cute.

In Pigeon Forge, Mother had to stop in the Lodge store, where they sell cast iron everything.  I also enjoyed it immensely!  Dad, on the other hand, was only too happy to find a camping chair on display to rest his feet. Libbey explained that it was because "he wasn't a woman." 

We had a happy little camper on our truck for about half the trip.  This guy just would NOT get off the truck!  He was always outside Mom's window.  We got some good looks at him from behind the glass, and he was neat to see!  His body looked just like a leaf.

Another landmark that Mom wanted to see.  Libbey, being into woodcarving, thought it would be fun!  It truly was huge, two stories above and another below.  Knives.  Everywhere.  From floor to ceiling!

And so we take a scenic drive into the Great Smokey.....okay okay...Mountains.  The beautiful, lush forest was breathtaking!  There were a few stops for hikes and old dwellings, some we stopped at and some we passed.  Whenever we got out of the vehicle I was swarmed by mosquitoes, who dearly love me.  It's not nice to be loved by those.  

My favorite part about the day was that the old sites and homes were pretty much left exactly as they were in the old days.  No plaques or monuments or stuff inside that "were typical of that time" and were replicas.  Just bare rooms of houses and other buildings.  It made for plenty of room for the imagination!  And it felt real, not all doctored up to look inhabited or anything.  

More of Pigeon Forge.  A tourist trap such as I have never seen!  Everything from arcades, to candy shops, to hot air balloons and Titanic restaurants.

Nothing like summer in east Tennessee!

Check out the foundations on these homes!  I guess they just ran out of rocks.

Gatlinburg--the other tourist trap town.  They had a nice little plaza that we walked around in, but the main streets were simply MAD with crowds and fudge shops.  

I want this sign.  

Bluegrass music from the guys who know it best. :)

On Monday there was a sudden and violent rainstorm in the afternoon.  Lovely!  I really love the ever-changing weather here.  It's so unpredictable and interesting.  That evening we all (except Lib) did some wake surfing and skiing, even though the lake wasn't that calm.  It was actually very busy. :(  But we had fun anyway. :)

Dee rocking the Kanani and the salute

Libbey....being herself :)

Now it is Wednesday, and our last day on Loudon Lake.  It was a full morning, followed by work, and then more water after dinner.  As Lib would say, "it's all about the tube."  For her, this is true.  For me, it means getting bounced and whipped like crazy and my arms being pulled from their sockets.  It's fun. :)

Mom was SO excited!!!  It was awesome!

Another shot of Libbey....being herself.....

Day 108:  Bowed reflection

I'm watching you.

Day 109:  A display of loyalty

Hey, if you're gonna have a huge houseboat, why not make a statement?

Day 110:  I chose this because....

I love the look of satisfaction and happiness on her face. <3

Yeah, I did it again too.  We're all really liking this because it's not as tiring as skiing.  

No, I'm not falling ;)

Oh, and before I forget, here's the part 2 of the house video.  Sorry you have to watch another. :(  When I uploaded this video, I suppose Youtube thought I needed a little help and decided to fix the shakiness of the visual.  The result looks like the frame is bouncing around in a bubble.  I actually think it is quite hilarious and just adds to the absurdity of my grossly lacking videography skills.  But who cares?  It's not the point.  The point is that Hannah wanted to see the house, and see it she (and all of you) will.  The end.



  1. Awesome pictures, Haley!!! It looks like loads of fun! I miss you guys! :)

  2. Thanks for the tour!! Great place!
    Did your mom get something cast iron? :)
    Auntie Didar

  3. You got some great pictures Haley! I especially love the sign :-) The Great Smokey Mountains look a lot like here.......

  4. I love the cabin pictures. So beautiful!

  5. Looks like you are having tons of fun. I love TN and wish I could go there again. I don't think I would mind living in the little cabin :):)

  6. Thanks for the tour! It's a GREAT BIG house! I love the countryside out there, it is beautiful. Dee is so funny:) Miss you all.