Monday, September 2, 2013

And so I have reached and surpassed the 100-day mark

Day 99:  Libbey's masterpiece.

A sugar cookie Hello Kitty!  What more could a kid ask for?

Day 100:  Tubing level--boss

When you can kneel with no hands!  It's actually fairly easy, unless the boat driver decides to suddenly accelerate while you're showing off. :)

Day 101:  Our friends came to visit us!

It's been a couple years since we've seen them, so it was great to catch up. :)

Day 102:  Old wallpaper and dusky glows

Again, what to shoot?  An ugly lamp against some old wallpaper?  Perfect.

Day 103:  Dad having fun

One foot single skiing, the other barefoot skiing, what can he think up next?

Day 104:  Me having more fun

Look ma, no hands!

Day 105:  Pigeon Forge, the city of oddities. 

And random upside-down buildings.  Sweet!

Day 106:  They don't get it, do they?

The Roman numeral 4 does NOT consist of four I's.  It actually looks like this: VI.  I've seen this on three different clocks!  

Day 107:  The close up of the coffee strainer

Oooohhhhh.  Fascinating.  I do like the lighting though. :)


  1. Haley, I have one word for your dad/my brother with his one foot barefoot skiing...tell him to get a real job! Oh, that's four words! HA HA Love the pics! Keep them coming!!
    Auntie Didar

  2. Awesome, Haley! Looks like loads of fun! ;) Miss you guys. Looking forward to seeing you soon! :)

  3. Good job Libbey! I like the coffee filters, Haley!:)

  4. The clock picture is great! I also love the upside-down building.