Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 112:  Behold, the vase of flowers

We were given this plastic vase by our Grandmother.  It was purchased in France and it sailed around the world on my great-uncle's sailboat.  And now, here it sits on the kitchen counter.  Well, one of the kitchen counters.  But I'll save that for another post.

Day 113:

Anybody up for a little buckdancing (a more relaxed form of clogging)?  There was plenty of that going on at the Smokey Mountain Fiddler's convention!  We attended that last Saturday in Loudon, TN.  It was an outdoor event with vendors and contests all day long.  We brought our lawn chairs and joined the crowd to watch folks play their guitars, mandolins, banjos, dulcimers, and of course, fiddles.  Aside from that they had harmonica players, buckdancers and cloggers.  

This guy's all set to go

People were jamming all over the place, and some just played to their heart's content wherever they pleased

He could play a mean harmonica

That guy in the straw hat gets the prize for coolest hat :)

Red hat, guitar, all set to go

This little gal knew how cute she was

Young musicians of the future

Bluegrass band

Classic buckdancing :)

He was pretty neat to watch!

"All this fast music is just so enthralling and entertaining, I can hardly contain myself"

Day 114:  Living out of a suitcase no more

Even with a (ahem) limited amount of clothing, living out of a suitcase gets annoying.  Thank goodness for houses with closets and dressers (and hangers!!).

Day 115:  My newest [and oldest] treasure

I found this little book of Miss Landon's Poems at an antique sale in Loudon.  The copyright of this edition is dated 1845.

Day 116:  Big splash aftermath

The girls are the dark shadows under the water :)

"Hi-yah!  Take that!  And that!"

"Oh, hi Chase who is watching me on Facetime.  How are you?  I'm fine, just relaxing in the pool."

"Look at how the water defies gravity when I drag my hand across it."

Level--pretty good

The ugly apple pie that tasted fabulous.  It's hard to make beautiful pies with limited utensils.  I rolled out the dough with a glass because their's NO rolling pin and peeled and cut all the apples by hand (let's just say I prefer that peeler/corer/slicer thingamajig we have at home).  I DID learn a new trick though!  To prevent apples from browning, I put the slices in a bowl of  cold salt water for about 5 minutes, then drained and rinsed them.  Just 1/2 t. of salt per 4 cups of water.  Voila, never a brown apple again!

Here is a link to a web album of more pictures....this time of the new house we're staying in.  Enjoy!


  1. Great pictures! I like the one of Libbey on facetime :)

  2. Great pictures, Haley! I love Delaney's hair! ;)

  3. Wonderful looking pictures! Dalaney's hair, picture looks pretty awesome;).

  4. That's so cool you got to see a Fiddler's convention!! How awesome! Thanks for posting pictures of your current house, btw :)

  5. Lovely pictures, Haley!!! The fiddlers convention looks like a ton of fun! By the way, I love your new blog background :):)