Thursday, January 30, 2014


Day 218:  Soft focus

I've been using my 50mm macro lens a lot's nice to do something different for a change.

Day 219:  Look down

Green weeds.  Nothing very profound about this.

Day 220:  Spinning

I never get tired of looking at the sky.

Day 221:  Playing around with HDR

I'm not sure I really like HDR, it's often grainy to me.  But it looked cool here.

Day 222:  What to call this?

Shooting windows is so interesting!  It's almost like a layered photo.

Day 223:  Soft focused

I've been reading LOTS of good books lately.  Nothing like a stack of books to read at night. :)

Day 224:  Aqua pura

Sometimes I feel like pouring a cup of water off the edge of the know.

Day 225:  Look.....up!

So the next time you're bored and laying on the floor....shoot up and see what you get!

Day 226:  Evening in Riverpark

Last Thursday we all drove to Fresno to pick up paint and supplies.  Then we had frozen yogurt in Riverpark and chatted with some old friends.  The full moon was so neat in the background!

Day 227:  Plant leaves, collectively


Day 228:  Haley, collector of old books

Tennyson is one of my favorite poets, and I was able to get this beautiful copy super cheap!  Gotta love old bookstores and yard sales. :)

Day 229:  The overflow

My bookshelves are full.  Again.  The overflow goes in my nightstand until expansions are made.

Day 230:  Staining day

It is so satisfying to have a freshly stained porch!!  Many thanks to Delaney and Justus for doing this. :)

Day 231:  Friends forever

Delaney with her beloved cat, Faith.  She is the most dog-like cat I've ever known.

Day 232:  Breakfast, anyone?

Libbey enjoys a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup.....I think the time was 9:30.

Day 233:  Music I love

"Many years ago I was a little girl, riding in the backseat of the car....."

Day 234:  More food, Lib?

See's suckers are the best, aren't they?  Of course they are. :)

Day 235:  Flickering candlelight


Day 236:  And THIS is a picture of Delaney going to the mailbox


Day 237:  Grout fun

We can't use our sink for 24 hours!!!  Needless to say, our dishwasher is maxed out.  At least our counter looks better though :)

Day 238:  Miracle of miracles......

See all that fog?  IT'S RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great job on the pictures! love the book picture:)
    Thank the Lord for the rain!!!!!!! Missed you today:(

  2. Great pictures! Absolutely love Day 226! ;) Thank the Lord for rain!!! We really need it.

  3. I love your pictures!! Good job, Haley!!! Your soft focus ones are very pretty. I totally understand what you mean about an overflow of books. My bookshelf is stuffed to overflowing and I have four boxes of books in the shed!!!

  4. Great job with all your pictures! I love reading your captions for each one:)

  5. I really like the picture of Dee!! :-)

  6. Great job!:) love your book pictures. I love book and i love reading!!!!

  7. Day 220 is a great picture. Cool clouds, Haley! Your pictures are more clear than mine. Better than my imagination. Love, Libbey