Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pismo Beach, CA

Last week, we packed up our truck and drove to Pismo for a much needed vacation.  Dad booked us a family suite at our favorite hotel, and the forecast promised beautiful weather the whole time!

So, the pic on the left was taken a long time ago, I was a few months old.  We kind of re-created it on Friday. :)  Good memories!

On Thursday evening, we had Del's Pizza and salad on a nice patio on the cliffs and watched the sun set.  The moon was coming up over the mountain as the sun went pretty!  

We also got to watch a wedding!  All 15 of the guests gathered on the sand and made an aisle of candles and shells for the bride.  She walked down 100 stairs and the couple kissed as the sun went down.  It was so sweet!  Plus, the bride's dog was going nuts the whole time.  He must have been excited.

"What God has put together, let no man separate." 

On Friday and Saturday morning after breakfast, we hiked down to the beach and boogie boarded!  Of course, we had to take turns using the boards, but it was so warm and sunny that just swimming in the water was enjoyable, especially with a wetsuit. :)  Libbey's becoming a fearless little boogie boarder!

From a walk to Pismo Yogurt, to a fancy dinner at Steamers, to watching dolphins in the waves, to meeting friends in Avila, it was a wonderful weekend.  Do I hear beach trip 2015? 


  1. Fun! I love your re-created photos! ;)

  2. Great recreated photos! I went to Avila yesterday :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE your re-created picture of you and your Dad! It's so sweet! ;) Pick me when you go in 2015! ;P

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  5. Opps, some technical difficulties occurred, haha, here is the my comment:

    That is such a sweet re-created picture of you and your dad!:) Looks like you all had a lovely time!

  6. Haley you looked so cute as a baby, I like all your pictures!!!