Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I have been neglecting my blog lately.  So today I'm posting all my 313 pictures that I've taking to catch up.  Because I haven't stopped--I'm almost done...kind of.  On to pictures......

Day 248:  An unusual tip

We're not spending this.

Day 249:  The pool is FIXED

Dad did a great job fixing our looks great!  Libbey wanted to swim right away, but when she felt the water she thought otherwise.  Let's wait until March, shall we?

Day 250:  Self shot

I love temperate California winters!!!

Day 251:  I didn't even photoshop this


Day 252:  Half a bubble

Last Saturday, we sisters blew bubbles in the warm, sunlit-afternoon.  These bubbles proved to be very durable, as they didn't pop even when they hit the grass!

Day 253:  And so it begins...

Libbey took one look at this sign and said, "I'm sad."

Day 254:  And Irish Proverb

I love my calendar this year!  It has really creative photos and cool quotes.

Day 255:  My iPhone 5c


Day 256:  In which I use a fake name at Starbucks

This is Claire's light caramel frappucino

Day 257:  Dusty teapot

Care for a spot of tea?

Day 258:  Another notebook owned by the notebook girl

I recently acquired an extension tube for my camera, and it's amazing!!!  I've been shooting with it all week and it works beautifully.

Day 259:  Stack of soul scribbles

A peak into my world....

Day 260:  Cheery flowers

They're so pretty, and the petals are hollow!

Day 261:  One brown eye

Libbey's eyes are so cute!

Day 262:  Its map!


Day 263:  With my extension tube


Day 264:  Well this is random

I took this with my phone, pretty blindly.  I think it turned out neat.

Day 265:  Old box

That's pretty much what it is.

Day 266:  Sticks (but not stones)

Today I used PicMonkey to create a watermark, and I'm happy about how it turned out!

Whew!  I think I'm least until tomorrow. :)


  1. Great pictures!:) Are y'all selling your house here?

  2. You got some good pictures Haley! I like your watermark as well :-)

  3. Nice pictures, Haley!! Thanks for reminding me to post ;) I agree with Libby, you selling your house is sad :(:( I am glad your extension tube is working for you. I have thought about getting one of those before.

  4. Great Job Haley on the pictures, I like the one of you jumping in the air, I am so glad you got your home up for sale that is SOOO exciting, but I will miss seeing you when we come down to California:(

  5. Cool pictures Haley, I love your calender! Enjoyed the time spent with you Thursday and Friday. :)

  6. Awesome pictures, Haley!! Day 256 looks totally familiar. I LOVE it!! ;D