Sunday, November 13, 2011

Going back to yesterday (our final day of travel)

Yesterday was a very odd, wonderful day.  I don’t think any of us will ever forget it.  It all started when we woke up leisurely in the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield

After we all got up and took showers, it only took a little time to button up the rig and get on the road.  Our plan was to eat breakfast at a diner that the locals raved about.  But when we got there, we found that the hole-in-the-wall place was tiny and packed tight.  We left, because we didn’t have the patience to wait 30 minutes to be seated (at least).  Our new plan was to get back on the highway and stop at the next IHOP or Jack-In-the-Box for a bite. 

As we merged onto the on-ramp to Hwy 99, I looked out my window (I sit on the driver’s side) to see a white sedan merge.  It was a weird couple of seconds, because I knew we were going to get hit, yet I didn’t react because it wouldn’t help anything.  I saw the sedan hit the trailer as Dad honked and tried to speed up.  The vehicle rocked and swerved as we quickly pulled over.  Dad and Mom got out right away and we girls stayed put.  I saw that the front left corner of the rig was damaged, and Dad knew right away that it would be an expensive repair.  The white BMW took the brunt of the impact though: the whole right front corner, mirror and door were damaged.  My first thought was, “God, please let the people in that car be okay!” 

The driver was a young lady of 19, and she even had a child she was babysitting in the backseat.  Praise the Lord, no one was even scratched.  The police arrived quickly and the girl’s parents came also, and for the next hour, insurance issues were worked out and options were discussed.  The girl was found at fault for not yielding and not paying attention, but Dad and Mom gave the girl a hug and forgave her.  Lord willing, the repairs on the rig won’t cost us a dime, but it will take a pretty penny out of the lady’s insurance. 

It was about an hour before we got back on the road again.  Thank God we could still drive home!  None of us were really anxious for a sit-down breakfast anymore, so while Dad got gas we girls bought a quick breakfast which we ate in the truck while driving down the road.

For the next hour, my over-active imagination replayed the accident in my head.  What else could have happened?  Well, if Dad had not sped up as he did, we truck and sedan would have collided and Dad and I could have taken the brunt.  We could have disconnected from the trailer.  We could have spent at least another night in Bakersfield.  So many things were running through my mind, and I had to stop and just thank the Lord for the protection He gave us.  There were angels guarding us, for sure.  We were all counting our blessings as we drove towards home.

It was around 12:00 when we reached the Fresno city limits.  Oh, a cheer went up at the familiar sights we beheld!  Sure, it’s not a beautiful city, but it was a well-traveled path.  Libbey cheered, then said, “Tell me when we get to California!!”  We all laughed, and there is definitely a geography lesson for her in the future…

Dad returned a call from Mr. Becker on the road.  While talking, Mr. Becker told Dad to “watch for communications on Avenue 12”.  We were all very curious to see what kind of communications they had planned!!  When we reached the old well-known intersection of Avenue 12, we saw a yellow sign on the shoulder, with balloons hanging from it, reading, BEYERS.  I took a picture of it.  Still more curious, we had a feeling that there were going to be signs planted all the way up Hwy 41, stringing together a message.  How fun this would be, and something to do as the miles seemed to get longer as we got still closer! 

Every few miles, there would be another yellow sign with balloons, each sign with a different word on it.  Finally, we completed the message, stringing the words together to form the sentence, “BEYERS REJOICE YOU ARE ALMOST HOME”!  We were getting more excited by the minute!!

After the words ended, every mile there was a yellow sign with a number, starting five miles away.  We counted each mile with the signs, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1…mile away!!!!!  We drove down our street, and soon our house was in sight.  There was a big sign in the front yard saying, “Welcome home Beyers!” with notes from the Beckers all over it!  I just sat there and grinned, and all the other girls screamed their heads off while Dad just laughed.  Dad parked in the driveway and we all jumped out of our seats like rockets.  Delaney and Libbey ran up the back stairs and Mom and I jumped up and down and hugged.  Then we both jumped into Dad’s arms.  We ran up the front walk and hesitated at the door while Dad fumbled for his keys. 

Jesse Telian (Dad’s employee and caretaker, also a close friend) greeted us at the door; he had been waiting for us!  We came inside and found food in the freezer and fridge from the Beckers and the Telians, goodies and cards on the island, the lights were on and the heater had already warmed the house.  I was so happy to be home, I almost didn’t know what to do!  I walked all over the house, and just beamed the whole time.  Oh, to be home again!

Jesse stayed for the rest of the afternoon, and we all talked over pizza and pictures.  After he left, I went through the mail (boatloads of it!), unpacked and put away about half of my stuff (which was a lot of fun for me) and just took in the idea of actually being home.  I also did a cartwheel on the lawn, just because.  Such a great feeling…

It was a great, great, great day.  The trip was just as great, but there’s no place like home.

“Home is where there’s one to love…home is where there’s one to love us.”
~Author unknown

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  1. It was great to see you guys again last night. Welcome home and how about staying for a while! :-)