Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bringing my readers up-to-date (at last!)

Well, here we are, on the final leg of our trip, and I am slacking off on blogging.  My apologies, everyone!  I will begin with writing about last weekend, and end with…today.  So, before you all get annoyed with me…
On Friday, October 28th, we drove from Joe Wheeler to Huntsville, about an hour east.  There we stayed the weekend at Stephen Hall’s parent’s home.  Stephen and Tricia Hall were also visiting, and we also got to know Stephen’s brother and sister-in-law and the neighbor family!

It was a weekend of great conversation, wonderful food, lovely music, making friends and roasting wienies and s’mores.  We also took Saturday to go to the U.S. Air and Space Center in Huntsville, along with Stephen and Tricia Hall.  That was a very fun-filled day, beginning with a museum about Wernher von Braun, the pioneer of the missile and rocket.  After that, we watched a cool film about the Hubble Telescope in the IMAX Theater.  Following the theater, we all tried our hand at rock climbing, which was supposed to simulate climbing up the (supposed) tallest volcano in space that was on Mars.  We all had great fun with that, and even Libbey shimmied almost all the way up on the easy end!  Stephen did the very hardest and declared it “nearly impossible”, but of course he did it!

By that time, we had worked up an appetite.  We all headed back out to the truck and had a picnic-tailgate lunch in the parking lot, which was very yummy and it was a beautiful day to eat outside.  (To make things even better, the Hall’s brought cookies and Reese’s Cups—yum!). 

 Once we had satisfied our hunger, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon touring more museum, walking around looking at space shuttles and rockets and missiles and riding a couple rides.  The Hall’s and Delaney even went on a ride called G-Force—it made you feel 4 times your weight!  Plus, it also spun you around really, really fast and my stomach got queasy just looking at it.  As Dad remarked when he saw it going, “I can’t believe I put my daughter in that tin can!”  But they had a blast, so that’s good! 

On the way out later that day, Stephen spotted Herman Cain’s campaign bus parked outside a Marriot hotel right next to the Air and Space Center.  We stopped, of course, and joined the throng of people anxious to catch a glimpse of him.  We did, and we got pictures, so if he’s ever president, than me and my sisters can say that we saw a president in person (I think that Dad and Mom and the Hall’s have seen presidents in person before)!  That was pretty cool.

So…in a nutshell, that was last weekend.  On Sunday we drove from Huntsville to Memphis, Tennessee.  We stayed three nights there, but after seeing the city we decided that it was not something to brag about (unless you’re another Elvis worshipper) and pulled out today (two days early).  We are now in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It’s a much nicer city and a much nicer campground (save the horrible showers).  We will probably tour around Little Rock in the next couple days and then pull out on Friday and head to Oklahoma City.  I will write more later, when I have something interesting to write about!  Have a great night y’all!!

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