Thursday, October 20, 2011

Delaney reveals all

This was so much fun to do.  Delaney was just as fun as ever and we had a blast doing this interview, even though it isn’t very long.  It showcases her playful side very well, in my opinion…

Haley:  So Delaney, how are you on this fine day?

Delaney:  That is cheesy.  Anyway, I’m fine.  What about you? 

Haley:  This isn’t about me.  Let me ask you the questions.  How have you enjoyed our trip so far?

Delaney:  It’s been really great.  We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff. 

Haley:  Were your expectations the same as the reality, or did you have a different idea on what it would be like?

Delaney:  I really didn’t know what it would be like.  I knew that it would be really fun and adventurous, but I didn’t really know what to expect.

Haley:  How do you keep busy during the long drives we take?

Delaney:  I write in my journal, listen to my CD player, navigate with our atlas, (though Dad usually dominates with his GPS).  Sometimes I do word search puzzles (Bible version).  And that’s it. 

Haley:  Where have you most enjoyed visiting?

Delaney:  Painesville, Ohio!  I really loved our picnic on Lake Erie.  Okay, I also enjoyed Bar Harbor, Maine.  That was one of the more humorous places of our trip.

Haley:  Is there a funny memory that comes to your mind?

Delaney:  Um, Libbey and how she said ‘chowda in Ba Haba’ and her face that reacted to Mom’s meal of lobster. 

Haley:  What’s one of the worst experiences you’ve had while being away?

Delaney:  I fell out of the top bunk onto the hard floor and got a big scrape on my back and my arm was a bit bruised and my back was in pain for quite a while.  And also when I got all those bad mosquito bites in Vermont and I looked like I had some kind of disease or something.  Oh, another was when I tasted lobster in Bar Harbor (grimaces).  I consider that a not-very-good experience.

Haley:  That being said, let’s turn to lighter subjects.  How about life in the 28-foot trailer?  Do you like it enough to go another three months?

Delaney:  Um, yeah, but home is going to feel really good.  I really miss our bathroom a lot.  I like my comfy bed in the trailer, but I like my one at home too.  My first night in bed at home is going to be so wonderful.

Haley:  Have you realized something new about yourself while we’ve been away?

Delaney:  Not really, but I’ve noticed that it really bugs me when I see even one dirty dish in the sink, and then I think, “Oh great, I have to wash that.  There’s not much room in here, and not any room for a dirty dish.”  I’ve also realized that my bed is constantly filled with stuff.  At home I would just put stuff (that I don’t know where to put) on my desk, but here I put it on my bed.  Then comes nighttime, and I go, “Great!  Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

Haley:  Do you maintain a normal school schedule now that we’re in the fall semester? 

Delaney:  Absolutely positively not.  There are days when I do school, and all of it, and then there are days when we’re going somewhere or we’re doing something out of the trailer, and I can’t do school.  But, in places like Boston and Philadelphia, I’m learning history hands-on. 

Haley:  Would you think that you’ve grown closer to your family in this time?

Delaney:  Well, I’ve always been close with everyone in my family, but being in a tight space has allowed for practice in patience, conflict resolution and graciousness.  So in that regard, I feel like we’re all becoming a better family.

Haley:  By the way, are you enjoying this interview or am I asking boring questions?

Delaney:  You’ve allowed for a lot of laughs (she giggles). 

Haley:  Okay, then what things have made you laugh?

Delaney:  (Laughs hysterically) one of things that have made me laugh are when I emailed you and told you a really silly story about two sisters who fought all the time and they decided to make up and never fight again.  But you know what?  They were not perfect.  And then you laughed really, really hard.   

Haley:  Okay, okay.  Would you take an extended trip like this again in your life?

Delaney:  Absolutely.  Of course.  !!!!! 

Haley:  Why?

Delaney:  Because it’s really super fun.  We laugh a lot, and have friendly arguments that leave us laughing again (usually), we’ve seen a lot of great places and done a lot of great things. 

Haley:  How do you keep in touch with friends and family?  Is it a priority in your day?

Delaney:  Um, I keep in touch with friends using email, and I’ve been able to talk to several of them on the phone.  But I have limited access to the internet sometimes so it can be difficult.

Haley:  My fingers are getting tired.  Do you want me to ask you anymore questions?

Delaney:  Aw, your poor little fingers.  I’ll let you go. 

Haley:  It’s been fun, sis.  Thanks for doing this with me.  I hope all your adoring friends back home like it!

Delaney:  (Raises eyebrows) sure.  Anytime!


  1. This is Hannah:
    That sounds like my D. I miss you lots.

  2. Haha!!! Just like Delaney!!!