Monday, October 3, 2011

A brief update before the big post

Well, since it's been SO long since I posted, the update is that we picked up Susanna Telian at Logan Airport last Tuesday, and until Friday we were in the Boston and Norwell area.  We shopped a bit, hung out, did laundry, and had a bunch of fun just being together.  But the real fun began when we left Wompatuck campground on Friday and drove to Quincy, MA, where we spent the night in Wal-Mart...

More to come today...!


  1. Boston! Awesome...I would love to go there. Have fun on your never-ending trip! Are you sick of Wal-mart yet? Have you memorized the logo design or anything? haha, jk. Miss you! Maddie

  2. No, I'm not sick of Wal-Mart yet! We go on ice-cream hunts every time and usually buy stuff. Yeah, I did memorize the logo! But, unlike a person I know, I do not think that Wal-Mart is a hick thing. :) I miss you too Maddie!